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South Korea to fine Hyundai for overstating mileage of cars

hyundai santa fe mileage

Hyundai Motors faces a $1 million (1 million Won, INR 6,01,10,000) fine for exaggerating mileage figures on board the new Santa Fe SUV. Imposed by Transport Ministry in South Korea, the fine is a result of independent tests carried out which show the mileage of Santa Fe 8.5% less than indicated by the company.

hyundai santa fe mileageThough these mileage indications were well within the acceptable margin of error, the Ministry feels that the same was done intentionally so as to mislead customers, who rely heavily on mileage figures before buying a car. The Ministry that conducted tests on the vehicle prior to imposition of the fine are of the opinion that this projected Santa Fe in a new light while buyers may seek compensation that they were misled.

Hyundai Santa Fe, the premium SUV came in with claims of having 14.4 kmpl fuel efficiency, which was wrong as the correct fuel efficiency stands at 13.5 kmpl. While Hyundai is facing flak over wrong fuel efficiency figures on board the Santa Fe, this is not the first time that Hyundai is dealing with such issues over inflated fuel efficiency figures as in 2012, the company admitted to exaggerating fuel efficiency on the Sonata sedan and issued an apology thereon.

In November 2012, Hyundai and Kia again admitted to inflated fuel efficiency figures of 900,000 cars sold in the US during model year 2011-13 due to which the company agreed to shell out $395 million as part of settlement with customers.

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