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Space-Age Car Lands on Earth: The BMW i3

Style: The design of the BMW i3 embodies an entirely new direction in electric cars. This is a car that doesn’t attempt to hide its electric heart behind a conventional façade. It has a space-age look and feel that reflects the cutting edge technology which quite literally drives it. The car comes with a choice of interior styling and all the materials used, including wood and fabrics, are all obtained from sustainable sources, thus ensuring that the car’s green pedigree is maintained throughout.

Practical: Well priced in comparison to other, non-eco alternatives and exempt from the London congestion charge and road tax, it ticks all the boxes for those seeking an ecologically friendly way to affordably navigate the city. The BMW i3’s ground-breaking electric motor plus its distinctive lightness add up to an impressive acceleration speed. Additionally, its long battery life ensures a long range not normally achievable with an electric car. Add capricious storage and a near silent driving experience and you may reach the conclusion that this car is hard to criticise as far as urban driving is concerned.

Technology: The on-board information system cannot fail to impress. The advanced sat nav will calibrate the best route for your journey (and, uniquely, will notify you if driving is not the quickest way to get there or if you don’t have sufficient charge to reach your destination). It will also find you the nearest charge point or plot a public transport alternative. The package includes an innovative phone application that will send all relevant information, including directions, to your mobile device. This provides peace of mind when calculating range and the whole package adds up to a truly flexible driving experience. The i3 also has a back-up system in the form of a 9.0 litre petrol tank should you run out of charge. All electric cars inevitably have a somewhat limited range, but with such accurate advanced warning systems. this one stands out from the crowd and for planned driving, it is hard to beat.

Charging: It can take some time to get used to the fact that you can plug your car in to a conventional socket at your home to charge the high voltage battery. It is highly advisable to use a qualified electrician to check you have the requisite facilities or install new ones to ensure total peace of mind.

Safety: The passenger area or ‘Life Module’ of the car is made from the highly innovative material, CFRP (carbon reinforced plastic), one of the strongest materials available. It provides peerless levels of protection should the car be involved in an accident. Uniquely, CFRP is as robust as steel but weighs far less, making it ideal for use in the automobile industry where, of course, safety is always of paramount concern.

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