Rash driving while doing Facebook LIVE video – 3 Students killed

In what can be termed as the first Facebook LIVE car accident reported, the article and gruesome pictures attached once again draw attention to hazard of speeding and driving rashly.

This is one more incident of speedy driving, loss of control and unnecessary deaths on Indian roads which has been increasing by leaps and bounds in recent times.

Three students were out on a joy ride in their friend’s Maruti 800 in Tengpora, Srinagar. They are listening to loud music, and dancing inside the car. The driver of the Maruti is seen driving rashly on public roads. All this was being webcasted LIVE by the co passenger in the front seat, as he was doing a Facebook LIVE video from his phone.

You can seen in the video that the driver is paying more attention to being in the video frame, rather than on the road. Next you see that the driver loses control of the car while overtaking a Hyundai Creta. Due to high speed, the car overturns after hitting the divider.

As it was the old Maruti 800, it hardly featured any of the safety features which we see in today’s car. Of the four students, three have been killed. One of them is fighting for life in a nearby hospital. Watch the video below.

Deaths due to rash driving have increased in India. Earlier this year, four young lives were lost when driving at high speed in a Honda City across the South City road, off Ludhiana, Punjab. Each of these youngsters were all aged between 19 and 21 years and were all students of colleges in the region.

The youngsters, Sanyam Arora, 20, Gaurish Verma, 21, Rishika Bassi, 19, and Ishani Jindal, 19 appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. They died on the spot while Akshit Grover who was riding in the rear seat is in a critical condition at a private hospital in Ludhiana.

What happened?

According to eye-witnesses, the Honda City, driven by Girish Verma, was travelling at well over the 150 kmph mark at the time of the accident. The driver lost control and hit a kerb stone which was uprooted on impact while the car went flying though the air for around 8 feet to crash land against a Eucalyptus tree.

Bhaskar, an eye witness stated that the youngsters were all drunk. They had stopped earlier at a roadside tea shop where they were cautioned against driving too fast but they turned a deaf ear to these requests.

Time and again the perils of driving at high speed and also the dangers of consumption of alcohol prior to taking to the road have been highlighted. High speeds cause tyre bursts resulting in loss of control of vehicle while consumption of alcohol dulls the senses to the extent that the driver finds high speeds appearing normal. The intoxication causes fatigue while reflexes of the driver are also dimmed and high speed and alcohol is a deadly combination.

Earlier this year, another such incident was reported. The incident occurred in Mumbai’s Vile Parle East area leaving 5 young men dead. The Honda City was apparently travelling at high speed and veered off the road, went out of control and crashed into a tree.

car crash mumbai 4

5 persons are dead, of which 3 have been identified as Muzammil Makhtur Kanojia, 22, Rashida Yusuf Shaikh, 25 and Junaid Fakir Soni,22, on the basis of their PAN and Adhar cards. The other two passengers who are also dead are yet to be identified. All those dead are residents of the Mira Bhayander area or are from Mumbai Central. Blood samples have been taken to test whether they were under the influence of alcohol.

The accident occurred at 5 am just ahead of the flyover near the Santacruz Airport Terminal on the Western Express Highway in Mumbai’s Vile Parle East on Thursday morning.

car crash mumbai 2

Investigations reveal that the driver could have been speeding as traffic was sparse on the road due to the early hour while he could have lost control. He brushed into a footpath, skidded for 10-20 meters and crashed into a tree on the way. The bodies of the occupants had to be extricated from the crashed car with the help of the fire brigade. The front tyres had burst which probably led to the crash while the entire vehicle was flattened, windows shattered and the roof was ripped off.

car crash mumbai 1