Speeding fine of Rs 36 lakhs for driving at 103 kmph

Finnish multimillionaire, Reima Kuisla was presented with a speeding fine to the tune of €54,024 (INR 36,67,877) for driving his Mercedes Benz CLA Class at 102 kmph in an 80 kmph zone.

Speeding fine of Rs 36 lakhs Finland
Reima Kuisla shared this image on his Facebook profile.

Pulled over by the police and handed over a massive parking ticket has got Reima Kuisla up in arms against the system in Finland where rich people are fined based on the offender’s last declared income. The higher the income, higher the fine and Kuisla’s last tax record showed that he was earning €6.5 million (£4.8m, INR 44,07,59,674) in 2013.

Kuisla, a successful businessman and race horse enthusiast is against this kind of discrimination and has even threatened to emigrate due to this large fine handed to him by the police. It is a progressive taxation and progressive punishment system that prevails in Finland where one pays according to what one earns. Kuisla, who would never have considered moving abroad, how views the possibility seriously as he finds Finland impossible to live in especially for those in the higher income bracket.

While Kuisla argues this hefty fine, he is not the first high profile resident of the country to have this kind of levy bestowed on him. In 2000, Teemu Selänne, Finnish ice hockey champion, was fined an equivalent of €39,000 (INR 26,44,489) for reckless driving in 2000, while in 2002, Nokia chief was fined €116,000 (INR 78,63,155) for speeding on his Harley Davidson motorbike at 75 kmph) in a 50 kmph zone.

When you compare these speeding fines at what we have in India, what comes to your mind?