Spray painted Range Rover from earlier this month was a prank

£90,000 white Range Rover spotted in Central London on 4th of May 2016 with its body splashed in brilliant red paint with the words “Cheater” and “Hope she was worth it”, was thought to be the ire of a woman scorned. Here is the original story.

However, nothing that was reported was true. It was just a marketing prank. The accompanying video shows that this was a publicity stunt and the combined effort by a luxury auto design and enhancement workshop R-Tec Auto Design and Revere London.

Fake paint was used to splash the vehicle which was seen parked outside Harrods and viewed by scores of onlookers while images of the ‘ruined’ Range Rover went viral on the internet. This raised many false claims while the company then thought it wise to release a video telling the actual story behind the ‘Cheater’ prank.

Range Rover fake paint

The video shows a second car splashed with the words “It was Revere not Revenge” to reveal the new 2016 Revere Range Rover Vogue Knightsbridge Edition. The video ends with a disclaimer that states – “Please note no cars were harmed in this stunt.”