When you get thrashed in football, spread joy with a Mercedes S63 AMG coupe

As if Villa’s 6-0 loss to Liverpool isn’t reason enough to stay away from Twitter, Joleon Lescott managed to get Villa fans even more worked up by tweeting a photo of a Mercedes S63 AMG coupe on Twitter soon after Sunday’s defeat.

The Mercedes S63 AMG coupe image doesn’t seem to signify anything personal, and there couldn’t be a more random update after game day. The photo didn’t go down well with a majority of fans who were furious after the walloping.

The season hasn’t done any favours for Aston Villa, with the club being at the bottom of the table with 26 games played and only 16 points on the table. With relegation being the one important thought fans are focused on, Lescott’s tweet seems far too foolish, and insensitive.

He did follow up on Twitter explaining his stand, the game, and how the Mercedes picture found its way to his Twitter account. It’s not a compelling reason but seems plausible considering the stock photo was uploaded without any explanation or tweet to back up its presence. While the temporary distraction has gained enough mileage for a day on twitter, the real problem remains Aston Villa’s chances of relegation being far too real.