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Sri Lankan boy designs electric turbo car: Cheaper and efficient than an average 4 seater car

A 26 year old from Sri Lanka named Nilanga Senevirathne has been successful in designing a fully electric turbo car. The youngster, an entrepreneur technologist by profession, designed this vehicle which he has called Elca (Electric Car). Elca has been built at a cost of LKR 3 million ($22,853).

This car is likely to be seen not only in local but even in international markets. The car is totally environment friendly and has been devised, constructed and commissioned by Nilanga alone out of 60% of the materials which were available in local markets. The car is economical both where purchase and running costs are concerned and is a showcase of Nilanga’s love for nature as it is 100% eco friendly.

Nilanga was interviewed by The Business Times at his residence. He told them that Elca would be reasonably priced and with low running costs, this car should be an instant hit across the globe. Normally four seater cars are priced at around LKR 1.4 million ($10,665) in Sri Lanka while the Elca would cost only LKR 600,000 ($4,571), once it goes into production. Cost per km would be approximately LKR 3 as against other cars which cost LKR 11, according to Nilanga.

Nilanga has received a host of inquiries from over 18 countries to purchase this eco friendly car and he has even earmarked a site in Kalutara Industrial estate to produce the vehicle on a large scale with operations expected to commence by early next year.

Rear wheel driven Elca weighs 600 kgs, of which batteries weigh 240 kgs. It has a capacity to travel 80 – 100 kms on a single full charge. Elca has a topspeed of 60 kmph and its batteries needs 8 hours to charge fully. Elca needs to be replaced every 50,000 kms and cost LKR 200,000 ($1,523). If everything goes accordingly, Elca could be seen on roads by 2013.


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