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Car sales report for each state in India – November 2016

The vast expanse of the Asian sub-continent has seen varying car sales which have been based on buyer sentiments. Here is a detailed report on car sales noted in the various states of India allowing us to understand the purchase patterns of consumers in the country.

On an average it can be noted that the Western region accounts for higher car sales while sales across the Southern states are also noteworthy. Sales in west of India which includes states of Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan accounted for a 17% increase in growth when comparing the periods April to June 2016 and July to September 2016.

A total of 2,11,441 units were sold in the April to July period, going upto 2,47,247 in the July to September period equating to a 17% increase in growth. In this region, sales across Maharashtra increased substantially by 20% from 87,896 units in April to June to 1,05,040 units in the July to September period. Sales across Gujarat were also up 23% from 55,696 units sold between April and June 2016 to 68,754 units sold during the months of July to September.

Total sales across South India increased from 2,06,335 units in April to June 2016 going up 26% to 2,60,906 units in the period July to September. Increased sales could be attributed to the festive season of Onam in the area which is considered auspicious and helped in boosting sales.

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Among these South Indian states, sales were specially noteworthy in Karnataka. Sales in the region increased from 59,021 units in April to June 2016 period to 64,542 units in July to September. Sales in Kerala increased 68% from 46,763 units sold in the period April to June 2016 to 78, 674 units sold during July to September 2016. Sales were also equally noteworthy in the other states of Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

Sales across some states in North India suffered a setback with a decline being particularly noted in Jammu Kashmir. Sales increased in Chandigarh, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab while overall sales in the region went down from 2,02,988 units sold in April to June 2016 to 2,01,699 units sold in the July to September 2016 period.

Sales across the Eastern region of the country grew by 14% during the April to June and July to September 2016 periods. Sales stood at 75,782 units in April to June 2016 period which went upto 86,254 units during July to September.

Taking into consideration state-wise sales during April to September 2016, Maharashtra ranks first on the list with 1,92,936 units sold, while Kerala comes in second with 1,25,437 units sold. In third spot is Gujarat with 1,24,450 units sold during the same period following at No. 4 by Karnataka with 1,23,563 units sold and Uttar Pradesh in No. 5 with 1,13,998 units sold. Of all the 33 states across India, Andaman and Nicobar and Mizoram scored in the last two spots with 1,004 and 1,002 units sold respectively.

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