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Statewise Car Retail Sales Aug 2020 – Maharashtra, UP, Gujarat Top 3

Passenger vehicle sales in Maharashtra stood at 23,076 units last month

In August 2020 passenger vehicle sales across India stood at 1,78,513 units. This was a 7.12 percent degrowth as against 1,92,189 unit sold in the same month of the previous year. However, when compared to sales over the past several months, this definitely indicates that the passenger vehicle segment is on the road to recovery.

Passenger vehicle registrations in July had dipped 25.2 percent as against sales in July 2019. The opening up after lockdown, favourable monsoons, the upcoming festive season could be the reasons for the auto sector to gain some traction.

It was more of the entry level passenger vehicles which were in high demand as buyers opt for personal mobility over public means of transport in view of the current pandemic situation that has been increasing with every passing day.

Statewise Car Retail Sales Aug 2020
Statewise Car Retail Sales Aug 2020. Source – FADA

Maharashtra registers highest Sales

The attached table is based on vehicle registration figures as published by FADA. It shows Maharashtra PV sales were at the top with 23,076 units sold in the past month, down 4.02 percent over 24,042 units sold in August 2019. Uttar Pradesh came in second spot with 18,296 units sold last month while Gujarat was at No. 3 with 16,821 units sold. This was a reshuffle in positions when compared to sales in July 2020 when UP was in a No.1 spot followed by Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Even as PV sales in Karnataka dipped 17.60 percent to 12,350 units, it was the highest among all South Indian states. At No.5, Haryana sales at 11,466 units were higher than sales in Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Kerala. Tamil Nadu sales stood at 10,987 units, down 28.57 percent as against 15,381 units sold in August 2019 while sale of passenger vehicles increased in Delhi last month. This was a 2.44 percent increase to 10,629 units, up from 10,376 units sold in the same month of the previous year.

J&K sales up 224 percent

In August 2020, J&K also noted increased sales by as much as 223.95 percent to 7,642 units, up from 2,359 units sold in August 2019. Not only did J&K see increase in PV sales but also in sales in the two wheeler segment with a 334 percent increase to 16,568 units. The reason J&K has registered huge increase in sales, is because in Aug 2019 their sales declined due to political reasons.

PV sales also increased in states of Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Jharkhand by around 12 percent each and also in the states of Chattisgarh and Uttarakhand by 6.60 percent and 23.03 percent respectively, while Tripura also noted a 19.94 percent increase in PV sales last month to 433 units as against 361 units sold in the same month of the previous year.

None of the North Eastern states faired well in terms of PV sales last month. Arunachal Pradesh noted a 37.40 percent de-growth and sales in Nagaland dipped 42.53 percent. Sikkim and Mizoram noted a 57.34 percent and 41.94 percent de-growth respectively while sales in Ladakh and Manipur fell as much as 57.68 percent and 93.15 percent to 102 units and 38 units respectively as against 241 units and 555 units sold in the same month of the previous year. Among all the state sales, Manipur noted the maximum de-growth last month.

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NoCar SalesAug-20Aug-19Diff%
2Uttar Pradesh18,29618,938-642-3.39
6Tamil Nadu10,98715,381-4,394-28.57
10J & K7,6422,3595,283223.95
12West Bengal6,5516,755-204-3.02
15Himachal P4,4103,90750312.87
25Arunachal P405647-242-37.40
27D&D + D&N220244-24-9.84
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