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Statewise Car Sales for July 2020 – UP, Maharashtra, Gujarat in Top 3

Passenger car sales were highest in UP, followed by sales in Maharashtra and Gujarat

As per data released by Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), total passenger car sales in July 2020 stood at 1,57,373 units down 25.2 percent as against sales of 2,10,377 units sold in July 2019. Of total passenger vehicles sold in the past month, every state noted degrowth with the exception of Rajasthan, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The three states reported positive YoY growth in July 2020 over sales in July 2019.

In July 2020, highest PV sales were noted in Uttar Pradesh. 19,195 units were sold in UP markets, down 15.2 percent as against 22,635 passenger vehicles sold in July 2019. Maharashtra saw the second highest car sales in July 2020. Figures stood at 16,149 units, down 27.1 percent as against 22,155 units sold in the same month of the previous year.

Passenger vehicle sales were also high in Gujarat which ranked at No. 3. Sales in Gujarat stood at 14,331 units in July 2020, down 28.3 percent as against 19,983 units sold in July 2019. Below is the detailed sales table.

Statewise Car Sales July 2020
Statewise Car Sales July 2020. Source – FADA. Sales of States / UTs missing from the table were not revealed.

Among the north Indian states, UP saw most PV sales while in the Western region Maharashtra saw the most PV registrations. In the East, it was West Bengal that punched in most numbers, and in the south, the state of Karnataka. Sales in Karnataka stood at 11,107 units, down 21.3 percent as against PV sales of 14,105 units sold in July 2019. In West Bengal, volume loss is reported at 950 units, own to 6,695 units from 7,645 units at 12.43 percent sales decline.

Sales in Rajasthan increased to 10,903 units in July 2020, up 2.8 percent as against 10,607 units sold in July 2019. Likewise, sales in Punjab increased 2.8 percent from 6,598 passenger vehicles sold in July 2019 to 6,783 units sold in the past month. Sales of passenger vehicles also increased in the state of Himachal Pradesh to 5,319 units sold in the past month, up 26.6 percent as against 4,201 units sold in July 2019.

PV sales in Haryana dipped 13.05 percent at 12,162 units, down from 13,987 units at volume loss of 1,825 units. Sales in Delhi fell to 9,817 units, down 18.71 units from 12,076 units sold in July 2019 at volume loss of 2,259 units. Delhi government has this month laid the groundwork for a EV policy that’ll be monitored over the next three years. Subsidies for electric cars will be up to Rs 1.5 lakh.

Sales decline in Tamil Nadu and Kerala was on the steep end, at 46.88 percent, and 50.92 percent, respectively. Sales in TN contracted by 7,944 units, down to 9,001 units from 16,945 units. In Kerala, volumes fell by 9,116 units, down to 8,785 units from 17,901 units sold a year prior.

Least Sales

Sales of passenger vehicles dipped maximum in the states of Manipur, Nagaland and Ladakh; with over 99 percent sales decline in Nagaland and Ladakh, down to 4 and 2 units respectively. Sales in the same month of the previous year had stood at 669 units and 250 units respectively in July 2019.

NoCar SalesJul-20Jul-19Diff%
1Uttar Pradesh19,18522,635-3,450-15.24
8Tamil Nadu9,00116,945-7,944-46.88
11West Bengal6,6957,645-950-12.43
12Himachal P5,3194,2011,11826.61
17J & K3,1776,832-3,655-53.50
26Arunachal P165708-543-76.69
28D &D & D & N144306-162-52.94
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