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Statewise Commercial Vehicle (CV) Sales May 2020 – Assam, Odisha, Bihar Top 3

In May 2020, the Indian automotive market sold just 2,711 CV units compared to 80,392 units back in May 2019

The Indian automotive market is making a gradual recovery from COVID-19 and the two-month lockdown protocols it brought about. As India entered ‘Lockdown 4.0’ in early May, automotive facilities in green and orange COVID-19 zones were allowed to operate in controlled conditions.

Essential safety and social distancing guidelines were made mandatory for staff members as well as outsiders coming to manufacturing facilities, showrooms and service outlets. Despite being fully equipped to continue operations, sales still remain on the lower side.

Meanwhile, several automakers have started online sales platforms with exclusive benefits to encourage potential buyers to make their final decision without compromising on social distancing.

Statewise CV sales May 2020
Biggest losers – Maharashtra CV sales down by 10.5k, UP down 9k, TN by 7.5k, Gujarat by 5.4k, Rajasthan by 5.2k. Source – FADA

In addition to being an easy portal for buying a new vehicle, the virtual platforms can be used to avail a test drive or to get the vehicle delivered at the customer’s residence in a safe and sanitised environment. However, all these apply to passenger vehicles (PV).

The commercial vehicle (CV) market of India was also badly affected by the ongoing pandemic. The general shortage of commercial works, as well as the lack of enough online sales platforms, further hurt the industry. In May, only 2,711 CV units were sold in comparison to 80,392 units in the same month, a year ago.

This translates to a sales decline of 96.63%. Let us take a look at the state-wise sales performance of CVs as per Vahan 4 analysis (excludes Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and the Union Territory islands):

Statewise CV Sales May 2020
NoState / UT CV SalesMay-20May-19Diff%
7Tamil Nadu777,525-7,448-98.98
8Uttar Pradesh669,018-8,952-99.27
9West Bengal624,660-4,598-98.67
17Arunachal P6125-119-95.20
20Himachal P21,153-1,151-99.83
24D & N and D & N0178-178-100.00
28J & K01,527-1,527-100.00

Assam, the only state with four-digit sales figures, tops the list at 1,121 units and a drop of 65.28%. Odisha and Bihar follow way behind at 371 units (-88.96%) and 324 units (-91.77%), respectively. At a decline of 95.18%, Karnataka comes fourth at 260 units while Gujarat is the last state on the list with 116 units (-97.90%).

Chhattisgarh faced a 95.46% sales drop and hit 84 units. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh garnered 77 units and 66 units at declines of 98.98% and 99.27%, respectively. West Bengal followed the latter by four units short and 98.67% degrowth.

Kerala sold 54 commercial vehicles and faced a downward trend of 98.06%. The states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Goa sold in the forties, thirties and twenties at 48 units (-99.08%), 39 units (-99.63%) and 20 units (-87.58%), respectively. Jharkhand hit 19 units (down by 98.96%). Haryana (-99.63%) and Mizoram (-93.65%) hit the same sales count at 15 units.

Arunachal Pradesh and Punjab sold only a respective six and five units and faced a decline of 95.20% and 99.80%. Meghalaya, at three units, witnessed a 99.32% downfall. Himachal Pradesh counted two units and a -99.83% difference. At just one unit each, Tripura and Uttarakhand registered a sales decline of 99.58% and 99.89%.

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