Drunk man steals traffic cop’s bike – Traffic cop is chasing him on foot (Video)

A man from Hassan, Karnataka, under the influence of alcohol, stole a policeman’s motorcycle and cap and took on a 1 km ride.

This so called funny incident happened on the streets of Hassan in Karnataka. A man, in an inebriated state stole a on-duty traffic policeman’s bike and cap. He then wore his cap and took the bike on a 1 km long spin through the streets –
totally ignorant to the fact that he had done something against the law.

The man was seen riding through the streets giggling and laughing all the time while at some point he even shouted ‘Superstar Rajnikant’.

The man went on with these antics for over a kilometer following which he was stopped at the traffic lights. The policeman whose bike the drunk man stole, had taken a lift from another biker on road and was pursuing the chase to get his bike and cap back. The cop finally manages to stop the drunken man, grab hold of his bike and retrieve his cap even as the man tries to escape.

It is not clear how the drunk man managed to steal the cop bike and his cap. It remains to be seen how the police will be dealing with this man and what punishment he will have to face for his antics which were obviously performed while in a drunken state. Watch the video below.

The video may be funny and cause some cheer but it still drives home the point on the dangers of drinking and driving.