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Steph Jeavson’s world solo ride attempt on a Honda CRF250L includes India

Steph Jeavson will travel across 42 countries as she rides around on a Honda CRF 250L and will be tracked live by Bike Trac. Jeavson is no novice to the roads as she has been an off road instructor for many years and has travelled extensively overseas. However, despite her experience she is apprehensive of tacking extremes in climates and difficult terrain along the way.

Starting from the 23rd of this month, Jeavson will embark from Ace Café in London and head to the Channel and onwards to Europe. She hopes to travel across 7 continents going on to Turkey, Iran, UAE, India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, South America, North America and Canada. She will then head to Africa and return home to Europe sometime in 2015.

Her entire journey will be closely tracked via Bike Trac through Event Eagle websites while supporters will also follow Jeavson through every leg of this journey. Every hurdle she faces on the way and every emergency she may encounter will be tracked, while the system will immediately text her emergency numbers so that she is taken care of along the route.

Steph commented, “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for more years than I care to remember, and so after much deliberation I finally decided that this is the year. The support I’ve had from everyone has been amazing and while I’m no stranger to riding off-road or remotely, having been an off-road instructor for several years and travelled extensively overseas, it ‘s still a very daunting prospect given the extremities of the terrain and climates I’ll be riding through.”

Bike Trac’s Bill Taylor explained the support, “Steph’s journey will be tracked live by Bike Trac and with one of our dedicated Event Eagle websites set-up too, supporters can follow Steph live throughout the journey. With standard functions like Bike Down included, if Steph does take a tumble, the system will text her emergency contacts to notify them that she may be in trouble. Of course, we wish her the very best of luck and look forward to following her on the trip live.”

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