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Stolen KTM Motorcycle Found In Just 30 Hours – Owner Thanks Mumbai Police

Stolen KTM Motorcycle found
Image – Sujay Shivan Warrier / HVK

Vehicle theft is a big problem, with maximum number of cases remaining unsolved

Having one’s motorcycle stolen can be a hugely stressful experience. It not only results in financial loss, the owner also has to follow a tedious process of lodging an FIR and following up with police officials. Till they find their vehicle or buy a new one, their everyday routines could go for a toss.

However, such experiences can also bring joy if the motorcycle is found within a reasonable time limit. Most vehicle theft cases go unsolved, but some lucky ones do get their possessions back.

How KTM got stolen

In a recent case that had a happy ending, a KTM owner has been able to find his stolen motorcycle in just around 30 hours. This is remarkable considering the fact that some stolen vehicles are recovered months or even years after they were stolen.

In this particular case, the owner had left the keys on the bike. This made it easier for the thieves to put their plans into action. The culprits have not been caught yet, so it’s not certain what they intended to do with the motorcycle. It is possible that the theft could be the work of some random people who came across an opportunity and acted on it.

Owner shares update about his stolen KTM motorcycle
Owner shares update about his stolen KTM motorcycle

In the past, there have been cases where youngsters were found to be stealing premium motorcycles just for fun rides. Once they had exhausted the fuel, they would simply ditch the bike and leave. In comparison, hard-core vehicle thieves are in the business purely for money. The stolen vehicle is either sold in remote locations at cheap rates or parts are removed and sold in black market.

In this case, there’s a greater possibility that amateurs were involved in the theft. The owner has stated that the culprits have been captured on CCTV and the police are actively looking for them. Their intentions will be revealed when they are caught and questioned by the police.

Owner thanks Mumbai Police

Expressing his gratitude, the KTM owner has thanked Mumbai Police (Juhu Branch) for finding his bike in a prompt manner. It is likely that the police had used their network of informers to trace the motorcycle.

The bike had eye-catchy decals, which could have made it easier to spot it. Had it been a standard KTM, the job to identify it would have become a lot more challenging. That’s because there are quite a few of these in streets of Mumbai.

Lessons learned, the owner will surely double-check here onwards, not to leave the keys on his motorcycle.

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