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Students develop hydrogen powered bike that delivers 148 kmpl

Automobile Engineering students of RVS School of Engineering and Technology in Dindigul develop a bike that runs on hydrogen and offers 148 km per liter.

R. Balaji, Gowthem Raj, Jerry George and Kalid Ibrahim are a team of students of Automobile Engineering from RVS School of Engineering and Technology in Dindigul. These students have designed and developed a bike which they claim is highly fuel efficient offering 148 km per liter of hydrogen.

The students worked under the guidance of P Lakshmanan, Assistant Professor at RVS School of Engineering and Technology. With this hydrogen powered bike, the students aim at addressing issues of both global warming and increased pollution levels.

With growing need for eco-friendly alternative fuel options for vehicles, this development could change the way India rides in the future while the students study ways in which hydrogen can be used as supplementary fuel for four stroke bikes.

Use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel would be highly economical as hydrogen gas is priced at INR 30 per liter while it also has a host of other benefits. This gas does not leave behind any residue during combustion while it controls tuning of the engine as compared to petrol or diesel engines.

BMW i8 Hydrogen fuel cell research vehicle (3) side profile

BMW i8 Hydrogen fuel cell research vehicle (3) side profile

Heat content of hydrogen is three times that of gasoline, it possesses the highest energy content in weight and lowest energy content in volume while it is available in plenty. To add to these advantages, the total cost of a vehicle will be at just INR 7,000.

But at the same time, one should remember that hydrogen is highly combustible. A simple unprofessional mistake and the damage to life and property is huge. This is one of the major reasons why automobile manufacturers around the world have not launched hydrogen powered vehicles on a large scale.

BMW i8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research Vehicle – Photos

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