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Study reveals car drivers want sunglasses and smartphones in easy reach

place for sunglasses and smartphones

‘Stuff in Cars’ study conducted by Johnson Controls Automotive Interiors has revealed what drivers want within easy reach. At the top of the list of priorities is none other than sunglasses which has been given prime preference even over smartphones.

place for sunglasses and smartphonesSunglasses, have been cited as the most important item that drivers want within arm’s length, and has even taken precedence over smartphones. The study Stuff in Cars, conducted by Johnson Controls was in response to how vital interior design is to the car’s popularity and the need for quality storage solutions. This data will be used to influence other car interiors so as to meet the demands for global consumers.

The study has taken into account demands of drivers in US, China and Europe to find out more about what items are carried in the car and where they are stored in the vehicle. These results will allow cars to be designed in such a way that there is a place for everything and more importantly, all within easy reach of the driver. The study took into account current storage facilities, frequency of use and importance of each item to the driver while a total of 2,000 drivers were surveyed on where and how they store various items in their vehicles be it the car manual and user guide to items such as smartphones.

While sunglasses ranked first in list of preferences, smartphones were ranked second while third on list of preferences were GPS units followed by other miscellaneous items such as travel guides, umbrellas, garage door openers, emergency hammers and trash cans also formed part of the demands.


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