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Sub 4m SUV Sales Nov 2022 – Nexon, Brezza, Venue, Sonet

After losing the throne to Brezza for two months, Nexon has held on to it consistently since then

Sub 4m SUV Sales November 2022
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Sub 4m SUVs are all the rage right now. If a segment is gobbling up a lot of sales, it is the sub 4m SUV segment. Tata Nexon takes the crown for being the highest-selling SUV in India. It sold 15,871 units last month. Numbers grew by 61.44% YoY and 15.28% MoM over 9,831 units sold a year ago and 13,767 units sold a month before respectively. Volume growth stood at 6,040 units YoY and 2,104 units MoM. Both figures were highest on this list. Nexon commands 27.95% of the sub 4m SUV sales market share.

At No 2, we have Maruti Suzuki Brezza with 11,324 units sold in its name. Brezza registered 5.24% YoY growth and 13.91% MoM growth and held a 19.95% market share. Brezza gained 564 units YoY and 1,383 units MoM in volume.

Sub 4m SUV Sales Nov 2022

Hyundai Venue took the 3rd spot on this list with 10,738 units sold in its name. When compared to 7,932 units sold a year before and 9,585 units sold a month before, Venue’s sales grew by 35.38% YoY and 12.03% MoM. Venue gained 2,806 units YoY and 1,153 units MoM in volume.

Venue’s cousin Sonet took 4th spot as it sold 7,834 SUVs last month, up by 66.01% YoY as opposed to 4,719 SUVs sold last year and up by 2.89% MoM as opposed to 7,619 SUVs sold a month before. Volume gain stood at 3,115 SUVs YoY and 220 SUVs MoM. Kia Sonet market share last month was 13.80%, down from 14.27% a month before.

Sub 4m SUV Sales November 2022
Sub 4m SUV Sales November 2022

The safest SUV on this list Mahindra XUV300, sold 5,903 vehicles and took 5th spot. When compared to 4,005 vehicles sold last year and 6,282 vehicles sold a month before, Mahindra XUV300 sales grew YoY by 47.39% by registering 1,898 vehicles gained in volume and declined MoM by 6.03% by registering volume loss of 379 vehicles.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Sales 0

Platform siblings Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger sold 2,397 units and 2,278 units last month and secured 7th and 8th spots in sub 4m SUV sales respectively. Both of them register a similar sales pattern by registering YoY growth and declining MoM. Magnite and Kiger registered 4.58% and 10.48% YoY growth and 14.97% and 15.16% MoM decline last month.

Honda WR-V popularity might have hit rock bottom. That said, sales continue to grow by 258.33% YoY and declined in MoM analysis by 34.15%. WR-V sold just 430 units last month. Toyota Urban Cruiser continues to post 0 sales for the 2nd month in a row. It is likely discontinued.

In total, sub 4m SUV sales accounted for 56,775 units in November 2022 as opposed to 44,571 units sold in November 2021 and 53,346 units sold in October 2022. This segment grew by 27.38% YoY and 6.43% MoM. Volume gain stood at 12,204 units YoY and 3,429 units MoM.

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