SUBARU XV Crosstrek pre-production model from Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) at 2012 Indonesia International Motor Show

A pre-production model of the Subaru XV debuted at the Indonesia International Motor Show. This was the very first time that Fuji Heavy Industries, the makers of Subaru automobiles provided a glimpse of their new model. Local production of this vehicle will start early next year at the facility of Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn Bhd (TCMA).

Initially the capacity of this facility will be regulated to 5,000 units per annum, after which it will be gradually increased depending on customer demands. This model is a cross over of the existing SUBARU SUV and has been designed apt safety features, good fuel economy as also superior drivability features for prospective customers. This Malaysian made vehicle will go on sale in Thailand and Malaysian markets with dealers already accepting booking for this vehicle.

Bookings for this model in Indonesia have been initiated after the unveiling of the model during the motor show. Through local production of this vehicle, FHI demonstrates the initiation of the Motion-V business plan and thereby showcases steady growth and commitment to the growing markets in the ASEAN region.

Auto news release: Subaru XV Assembled in Malaysia, Premiered at Indonesia International Motor Show

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, showcased for the first time a pre-production model of the Subaru XV assembled in Malaysia at the 20th Indonesia International Motor Show. The local production is scheduled to begin in January 2013 at an existing facility of Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn Bhd (TCMA), an automotive assembly company of Tan Chong Group, with an initial capacity of 5,000 units a year.

The Subaru XV is Subaru’s new crossover SUV with sleek yet muscular design. It offers superior drivability, excellent safety and good fuel economy for which Subaru is renowned for. Concurrently with the unveiling at the show, Subaru dealers in Indonesia have begun accepting orders for the model. The Malaysia-made Subaru XV is also scheduled to go on sale in Malaysia and Thailand.

The launch of local production in Malaysia is one of the key initiatives of FHI’s manufacturing enhancement efforts along with capacity increase in Japan and North America set out in the company’s “Motion-V” mid-term business plan. The premiere of the locally-made Subaru XV at the show demonstrates steady progress of the plan and FHI’s commitment to sales expansion in the growing ASEAN markets.