Supercar on an Indian road is eye candy but how well can you drive: Track days at BIC a solution

Buying a supercar or superbike may remain in the list of things to buy for many but at the end of the day it’s the forte of the very rich. Such vehicles aren’t always purchased based on their ability to go fast but more so as a status symbol. Apart from a price tag that can make many quiver, such toys for the super rich at the end of the day do come through as speed machines.

So, why is it that supercar owners think it’s alright to drive their vehicles to nightclubs, hotels and then take the car for a spin when most are cozy in bed. At no time is it okay to sit behind a supercar if one is drunk because one needs to be more than alert when sitting behind a fast car.

In the Delhi/NCR belt there are about150-odd supercar owners, and going fast on the road is becoming a regular feature. The Cannonball Club started by Paritosh Gupta who drives an Audi R8 is a great platform for supercar owners to go fast and on safer ground.

Paritosh Gupta had this to say. ‘We organise track days so that people who own these exotics get an opportunity to make their supercars go like they are meant to,’ says the founder of the country’s first supercar club.’ ‘Most members touch 300kmph-plus in their Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris, but these are within the confines of the F1 venue, Buddh International Circuit (BIC), in Greater Noida.’ ‘The only place where you can exploit the potential of a supercar is the F1 track and that’s why we do these BIC events so often.’

Supercars give you 400bhp easily and road conditions and infrastructure in India aren’t worth mentioning, so, concerns pertaining to safety can’t be disregarded. Cannonball Club has their next track day event in March. Supercar dealers too are organising track days for supercar buyers.

Ferrari has organized track days at BIC where owners and future owners can go on the fast road. Professional drivers are enlisted to help those at the track when handling supercars. Chairman of Shreyans Group, official importers of Ferrari and Maserati in India, Ashish Chordia, said: ‘We wanted to offer our clients a Ferrari experience in controlled conditions.’