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Suzuki Gixxer to Gixxer SF – This is how one owner did a mod job

Did you buy the Suzuki Gixxer street fighter before the company launched the even more stylish Gixxer SF? Do you fancy modifying your naked bike into the fully faired SF? Well, it seems a bunch of authorized Suzuki service centres undertake such a modification upon customer’s request.

While the showrooms don’t actively encourage its existing Gixxer customers to upgrade their motorcycles with full fairing, a good number of them won’t deny you the mod job if you approach them.

One service adviser of an authorized Suzuki outlet in Chennai has carried out the job for Abdul Hameed, who has proudly shared the before and after photos of his Gixxer with Rushlane. Speaking to Rushlane, Abdul says – I bought the Gixxer red street fighter back in October 2014. At that time the faired Gixxer SF was not on sale. Later when the company launched Gixxer SF, it was not on sale in red colour option (The 2017 model is now available with red colour option).

But with Abdul having decided to modify his red bike, all he had to do next is get a white fairing and paint it red. The dealer helped him with that. He then removed the head lamp of his Gixxer and went to fabrication shop and fabricated the clamp where the faring is mounted. After a lot of effort, the final product was looking fantastic. He spent a total of INR 17,000 for this mod job, and the best part – it does not void the warranty.

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INR 17,000 for an upgrade that is merely cosmetic in nature is a bit too much for a 150 cc motorcycle but then there are customers who are smitten by the fully faired Suzuki Gixxer SF’s sporty Hayabusa-inspired looks. If the required spares are readily available, the cosmetic upgrade would take 2-5 days to perform.

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