Some dealers convert Suzuki Gixxer into SF by adding fairing

Scoop – Dealers modifying Suzuki Gixxer into SF for old customers

Did you buy the Suzuki Gixxer street fighter before the company launched the even more stylish Gixxer SF? Do you fancy modifying your naked bike into the fully faired SF? Well, it seems a bunch of authorized Suzuki service centres undertake such a modification upon customer’s request.

While the showrooms don’t actively encourage its existing Gixxer customers to upgrade their motorcycles with full fairing, a good number of them won’t deny you the mod job if you approach them. One service adviser of an authorized Suzuki outlet in Bangalore we talked to confirmed that the conversion can be done without voiding the motorcycle’s powertrain warranty. However, the process of claiming insurance could be a bit complicated.

India-made Suzuki Gixxer 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (4)
The conversion of Gixxer into Gixxer SF will require fastening fairing mounts on the chassis.

The personnel stated that, if the base Gixxer is painted in Metallic Triton Blue, Peal Mirage White or Glass Sparkle Black, the SF mod job could cost somewhere between INR 10,000-13,000 since the SF fairings are readily available in those colors. If your naked Gixxer is of a different color which is not available in the SF, cost for the upgrade could escalate to around INR 15,000. He assured that, after installing the fairing (involves fastening fairing mounts on the fuel tank and chassis), the modified bike will look exactly like the stock Gixxer SF.

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INR 15,000 for an upgrade that is merely cosmetic in nature is a bit too much for a 150 cc motorcycle but then there are customers who are smitten by the fully faired Suzuki Gixxer SF’s sporty Hayabusa-inspired looks. If the required spares are readily available, the cosmetic upgrade would take 2 days to perform.

Suzuki Gixxer SF – Photos

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