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Suzuki Gixxer SF Review: First Ride and Walk Around Video

Suzuki Motorcycle India’s latest venture which panned out really well, has just been diversified for better prospects. Let’s see how much of a catch this new model is for a potential customer.

Suzuki Gixxer 155 naked version made quite an entry in Indian market mid-last year, with its curvy and sensual looks in conjunction with really admirable mechanicals. It would be an understatement to say Suzuki Gixxer put the brand in the map of 150 cc segment, as almost everything about the bike was above the bar.

To capitalise on this new found success in one of the most important two wheeler segments in India, the Japanese moto-maker has come up with a new avatar for the same bike, to broaden the nameplate’s horizons. Ergo, Suzuki Gixxer SF.

Styling – Just like the model’s name Gixxer which is taken from Suzuki’s one of top-end motorcycles, styling of new Gixxer SF too has taken inspiration from a super bike, the Hayabusa.

Suzuki Gixxer naked model is known for its slenderness despite possessing some muscularity. By adding a full-size front fairing crafted carefully to preserve the tender beefiness and exhibit some edginess as well, Suzuki has made a brilliant job of creating a new sub-brand that could fight with its original version in a fashion contest.

And the company didn’t wait to issue a special edition of the new model. The one in photos is Metallic Triton Blue (YSF) colour, which is the only model which gets ‘Suzuki’ lettering across the fairing. Touted as MotoGP edition of Suzuki Gixxer SF, this version is priced higher than the other two colours by around Rs. 2,000.

Pearl Mirage White (YPA) and Glass Sparkle Black (YVB) are the remaining colour options, fairing of which are left plain. But to compensate for the emptiness, Suzuki has coloured the engine cowl, which is the lower part of full fairing, in silver. These two colours in Suzuki Gixxer SF get red wheel rim tape, while MotoGP edition uses yellow.

Apart from the front look, focussing on headlamp with surrounding cowl that gives it a Suzuki Hayabusa look, and the full fairing, prominent differences between SF and naked Gixxer include rear view mirrors, handlebar clamp (at the centre), and slightly redesigned exhaust with aluminium finish. The company has made no other apparent changes, probably to avoid overdoing.

Thus far, whatever has been done to transform the original Gixxer 155 into a super sport inspired model has worked very well, except for the material and build quality. The fairing is very flimsy and plastic around the same fully digital instrument panel looks quite inferior.

Thanks to the buttery smooth engine, the bike had no vibration even at redline, leaving no chance for the panels to rattle even if they are capable of it.

Engine & Performance – Same 154.9 cc single-cylinder air-cooled SOHC (2-valve) engine used in naked Gixxer is passed on to Suzuki Gixxer SF, with no change in power or torque. Same goes for the 5-speed gearbox. So expect no change in performance, except since this is a fully faired model, better high speed stability and quicker attainment of top speed can be anticipated, which we will test during our detailed review soon.

The 14.8 PS max power @ 8,000 rpm and 14 Nm peak torque @ 6,000 rpm are good for a bike of its category, but considering the launch of a fully faired motorcycle, a little extra power could have earned more value to the brand. The engine is absolutely left intact, and it shows by the same linearity in power delivery we witnessed on the Gixxer street fighter.

Ride & Handling – For two reasons, one being lack of noticeable punch in any rev range and other being excellent design of dynamics, the Suzuki Gixxer SF is very easy to tame and one can experiment creeks & corners with absolute confidence. The SF is heavier than the naked version by 4 kg (measuring 139 kg), but it doesn’t show in the way it handles.

Softer suspension makes the Gixxer SF comfortable in city, but the narrow seat makes rider susceptible to soreness over a short period of time. The pillion however would be more comfortable.

Wearing MRF Zapper FX 100/80-17 tyre upfront and MRF REVZ M 140/60R-17 at the rear, the Gixxer not only irons out rough patches efficiently but also corners very proficiently.

Verdict – The only downside to buying a Suzuki Gixxer SF is that once you cherish the racy looks and swing your leg over the bike, you would quickly forget that it is a fully faired motorcycle, as it is absolutely the same as riding a naked Gixxer. The extra premium is good only for the eyes and not the pleasure of riding a super sport, but given the price difference is not very steep (around Rs. 4,000), it wouldn’t hurt to prefer the fully dressed model.

On-road Delhi price of Suzuki Gixxer SF

Black or White – Rs. 92,596
MotoGP Edition (Blue) – Rs. 94,238

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