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Suzuki introduces Hayabusa Creed riding platform in India

Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) has introduced Hayabusa Creed. The members only community is but naturally meant to give Hayabusa owners in India a place to call their own.

At the end of each respective ride, the Hayabusa Creed logo was unveiled. Riders were then initiated as the first-ever members of this exclusive community. Akin to the big big riding culture fostered by bike manufacturers in India and elsewhere, Creed will let members connect with each other, plan, and establish a riding culture unique to the platform through a multitude of member only events.

Satoshi Uchida, Managing Director, SMIPL says ‘Hayabusa Day’ celebrates everything related to owning and riding a Hayabusa. Hayabusa Creed is the company’s effort to express gratitude to all Hayabusa owner’s in India. Riders have personified who personify these attributes and have contributed to the cult status that this legendary motorcycle enjoys. Hayabusa Creed platform members can celebrate the pride of ownership and enjoy exclusivity and privileges customized for the community. The platform will let Hayabusa owners enjoy being part of a community and grow from strength to strength. Suzuki two-wheelers welcomes all members, and wishes them an enjoyable riding experience.

Hayabusa Ride-out and Hayabusa Creed induction was celebrated to bring in ‘World Hayabusa Day‘ celebrated on August 23rd. To encourage Big-Bike riding culture in India, this was the second year that Suzuki celebrated the day with a multi-city riding activity that saw riding groups across cities come together in celebration.. Owners and enthusiasts who rode were giveen memorabilia on behalf of Suzuki to commemorate the day.

Suzuki plans events for Hayabusa Creed members through the year. This will include ride-outs, entertainment, expert sessions, safety tips, driving advice, food and networking, and other activity. Hayabusa Owners can register to be a part of this community through a micro-site dedicated to Creed members.

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