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Suzuki Oct 2020 Sales Highest Ever – Access, Gixxer, Burgman

Suzuki Access Sales
Image – Sinha Suzuki

Suzuki Motorcycle India sold 76,865 units in October 2020, and YoY exports grew by 15 percent

Suzuki Two Wheelers reports total sales of 76,865 units last month, up 3.02 percent at 2,255 units volume gain, up from 74,610 units sold last year. Of this, domestic sales accounted for 67,225 units, up 1.53 percent from 66,215 units at 1,010 units volume gain.

Domestic sales accounts for 87.46 percent of total sales. Exports grew to 9,640 units. Up 14.83 percent from 8,395 units at 1,245 units volume gain. Exports account for 12.54 percent of total sales. For the company, this is the highest ever domestic sales reported to date.

Alongwith YoY sales growth, Suzuki Two Wheelers has also reported MoM sales growth. MoM domestic sales grew by 2,030 units, up from 65,195 units at 3.11 percent growth.

MoM exports grew 49.09 percent at 3,174 units volume gain, up from 6,466 units. Total sales gain from the month earlier is reported at 7.26 percent at volume gain of 5,204 units, up from 71,661 units.

Suzuki Sales Oct 2020
Suzuki Sales Oct 2020 vs Oct 2019 (YoY) vs Sep 2020 (MoM)

Devashish Handa, Vice President, Suzuki Motorcycle India said, “Suzuki’s growth curve has continued into the month of October as well. The ongoing festive season has saw us achieve a 3% year-on-year growth for the month. We have surpassed our Sales Volume of last October. This is quite significant since in 2019, the predominant Festive Season from Navratri to Diwali was concentrated in the month of October unlike this year where it is spread over the latter half of October and going upto the earlier half of November. This makes us a little more optimistic about the demand recovery post pandemic.”

Festive season offers

October 2020 brought with it good tidings for the auto industry with most manufacturers posting sales growth. While this doesn’t negate the business losses endured through Covid-19 pandemic related lockdown, it does portend some positivity for Q4 2020.

A good start in October has been possible owing to the ongoing festive season, and sales momentum is expected to be sustainable through November too. With festive season sales being a period that manufacturers look forward to each year, this year has been even better for most manufacturers.

Festivities at Suzuki Motorcycles meant the auto manufacturer offer free accessories up to 3k on its two wheeler purchases through October 2020. Eligibility was approved for bookings made online. Offers on scooters was capped at 1,500 bucks, and at 3k for motorcycles, and was valid for a pre-approved list of accessories.

Suzuki Ride Connect

With new launches being a major strategy during the festive season, last month Suzuki Access 125 and Burgman Street scooters saw the introduction of connectivity features as part of ‘Suzuki Ride Connect’ suite. This is via Ride Connector app, and includes navigation, calls, and messages through bluetooth.

The console displays ETA updates, calls/SMS/Whatsapp alert/missed calls, calledID, and turn by turn navigation. Speed warning system lets one set desired speed limit, and sends alerts if speed is breached. Phone battery level, ETA, and Find My scooter with last parked update can be accessed.

While a number of manufacturers were beginning to report sales contraction by the end of the last fiscal, Suzuki was in fact reporting sales gain for months at an end. This however was disrupted industrywide starting March when lockdown was announced. With business now being brisk, it can be expected that Suzuki Motorcycles is able to build on that interrupted momentum to becomes a more formidable force.

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