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Suzuki Sales, Exports Break Up Jan 2021 – Access, Burgman, Gixxer, Intruder

2021 Suzuki Gixxer
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Suzuki Access scooter continues its dominance as the manufacturer’s bestselling two wheeler

For January 2021, Suzuki two wheeler wholesales improved marginally at 1.85 percent. Volume gain stood at just over a 1,000 units, up at 57,004 units from just below 56k units. MoM growth was higher at 27.37 percent, up from 44,756 units at volume gain of 12,248 units.

January 2020 domestic wholesales saw improvement in some segments but that manufacturers reselling scooter Access was reported at significant sales decline. Access sales fell to 45,475 units, down from 54,595 units. Sales decline is reported at 16.70 percent at volume loss of 9,120 units. It leads the sales charge at 79.78 percent of total domestic Suzuki sales. MoM access sales improved 13.25 percent up from 40,154 units at volume gain of over 5.3k units.

Suzuki Burgman scooter sales

Suzuki’s next bestseller is also a scooter, it’s premium Burgman. Sales is up at 8,743 units, up from 603 units at volume gain of over 8.1k units. Sales share stood at a sobering 15 percent. MoM volume gain stood at over 6k units, up from 2,666 units.

Suzuki’s motorcycle sales is dominated by its Gixxer series. Gixxer sales grew to over 2.5k units, up from 51 units at volume gain of 2,489 units. MoM growth stood at 53.85 percent, at volume gain of just under 900 units from 1,651 units. Gixxer 250 sales fell to 165 units from 717 units at over 75 percent decline. MoM decline is pegged at 26 percent, down from 224 units. Intruder sales is reported at 81 units, up 20 units MoM from 61 units.

Suzuki Sales Jan 2021
Suzuki Sales Jan 2021

Suzuki exports in January 2021

On the export front, Gixxer leads the charge at 34.76 percent of total exports. In january 2021, 2,748 Gixxer units were exported. Numbers decline by 60 percent down from 6,898 units at volume loss of over 4,100 units. MoM decline stood at 17.38 percent, down from 3,326 units at volume loss of 578 units.

Burgman exports grew to 2,424 units, up from 1,264 units at volume gain of 1,160 units. MS swelled to over 30 percent. MoM fain stood at 28.25 percent, up from 1,890 units at volume gain of 534 units.

Gixxer 250 exports improved significantly, up at 2,286 units. Volume gain stood at 1,793 units, up from 493 units. MoM gain more than doubled, up from over a 1,000 units at volume gain of 1,240 units. Hayate exports fell by half down at 240 units from 490 units MoM decline is similar.

Suzuki Exports Jan 2021
Suzuki Exports Jan 2021

Access, despite its profound share in the domestic market, fails to recreate the magic overseas. Exports were reported at 144 units. The month prior, exports were at a mere 12 units. Intruder exports stood at 64 units, up from 16 units. MoM volumes fell by 32 units. No units of Lets were exported last month. Total exports in January 2021 fell by 15.85 percent at volume loss of just below 1.5k units. Volumes fell to under 8k units, down from 9,395 units.

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