Suzuki Swish-125 or Access-125 scooter: 90 kmph maximum speed and 50 kmpl mileage

Suzuki Swish-125 is what many may know as the Access-125 scooter. As such, those who had booked Suzuki Access-125 two wheeler would have the choice of buying the new vehicle which is outfitted with the same engine. The bike offers 50 kmpl mileage, has a 6 litre fuel tank, and space to store your helmet.

The new Suzuki Swish-125 scooter comes with a price tag of Rs.47, 865 (Ex-showroom), and as is customary in the Indian auto market, you’re looking at a waiting period that’s upward of the 2 month mark.

The new version launch was at down south two weeks ago. The Suzuki Swish-125 scooter is priced at about Rs. 600 more than the Suzuki 150 Access. With modern styling cues, the new scooter competes with the 110cc and 125cc bikes in India. The vehicles are Euro-III compliant and replete with a catalytic convertor, with the promise of 90 kmph maximum speed. There is no clarity yet regarding how many Swish-125 units will be allotted per dealer as of now.