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Suzuki turbocharged hybrid superbike concept previews a possible 300 PS future

Suzuki turbocharged hybrid superbike concept patent

The concept merely showcases Suzuki’s technical prowess and is not likely to see light of day in the immediate future.

If you think Kawasaki Ninja H2R is as mad as a two-wheeled machine can get, think again! Suzuki has filed a patent for a turbocharged hybrid litre class motorcycle concept which is estimated to have a power output in the ballpark of 300 PS, may be a little more than that!

Going by the track-only H2R, turbocharging a litre class bike will result in a power output of over 250 PS. Add a couple of F1 style Motor Generator Units (MGU) to it and you have an equipment that canĀ annihilate pretty much everything else.

Suzuki turbocharged hybrid superbike concept Motor Generator Unit

The technology may eventually be used in compact displacement motorcycles to offer big bike-like performance with very high fuel efficiency.

One of the MGUs is integrated into the transmission to provide torque assistance when additional acceleration is needed and to regenerate electricity during deceleration (stored in battery). The second motor is mounted ahead of the engine to spinĀ the turbocharger up to optimum speed (around 2,00,000 rpm), thereby reducing the lag and increasing the throttle response.

The Suzuki 300 PS turbocharged hybrid superbike concept is likely to be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. The concept will merely showcase the brand’s technical prowess. This technology may be overwhelming on a litre class bike but when used on a smaller displacement machine, say 500 cc, it has the potential to achieve litre class-like performance with fuel efficiency of a quarter litre model.

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