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Svitch Electric Motorcycle Launch By Aug 2022 – 120 Kms Range

Svitch CSR 762 e-bike launch scheduled for July-August 2022, draws inspiration from Gujarat’s Asiatic Lions

Svitch Electric Motorcycle CSR 762
Svitch Electric Motorcycle CSR 762

As it stands, India finds itself in a unique position in regard to electric two-wheelers. In recent times, a large number of new-age manufacturers have entered the space. In fact, electric two-wheeler manufacturers have now far exceeded the number of traditional two-wheeler brands operating here. Volumes too are growing, especially when FY22 is considered.

Svitch MotoCorp Pvt. Ltd. is ready to launch their new electric motorcycle called CSR 762. The company says CSR 762 is for ‘young biking enthusiasts’. And is set to be launched by July-August 2022. The soft launch of the bike was held in November 2021.

Svitch CSR 762 features a 3kW Motor that peaks at 10kW at 1300 RPM. A PMSM motor with a central drive system is being used. Battery capacity ranges upto 3.7kWh Li-ion, nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC). It goes without saying, the e-bike is aligned to be pollution free.

Svitch Electric Motorcycle – certification and testing

Svitch CSR 762 design language draws inspiration from Gujarat’s Asiatic Lions. The bike embodies the ‘spirit of pride, power and personality very sportingly’. CSR 762 is at certification stages. Internal testing has concluded. The brand says it has a stronghold over tier-1 cities. And now aims to make its presence felt in the city commute segment. CSR 762 target audience is the ‘middle-class automobile demographic’.

Svitch Electric Motorcycle CSR 762
Svitch Electric Motorcycle CSR 762

Top speed is pegged at 110KM/h. On a single charge, the e-bike goes 120 kms depending upon riding mode. Wheelbase stands at 1430 mm. Curb weight and weight capacity are stated at 155 kg, and 200 kg respectively.

The rake is 24 degrees, and trail is 136mm. Seat height is 780 mm. 6 ride modes include 3 driving modes, 1 parking mode, 1 reverse mode, and 1 sports mode. Company growth plans include setting up battery swapping stations as per government policies.

Svitch CSR 762 price

Svitch CSR 762 electric motorbike is expected to be available at a launch price estimated at around Rs 1.65 lakhs (tentative). Post subsidy, the electric motorcycle will cost about Rs 1.25 lakhs (tentative) basis upto subsidies worth 40k (tentative) offered as per GoI policy. Currently, the company is seeking channel partners to amplify the reach of its CSR 762 project. For this, the company has already put together a dedicated specialzied team.

Rajkumar Patel, Founder of Svitch said, “We aim to revamp the Indian automobile sector with electric change and encourage Indians to re-think our way to commute, luxury, and recreation because we believe in precision and quality. The CSR 762 packs in a complete on-road riding experience which lays out a very strong notion that it is indeed a luxury for the layman. The vision to create CSR 762 is aimed at providing luxury, style, and sustainability all together for the biking enthusiasts.”

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