Corporate India spreads awareness of Swine Flu epidemic

Corporates such as Maruti Suzuki, MTS India, Samsung, Godrej and NetApp are among a host of other companies who have taken various steps to spread awareness of swine flu among its employees.

maruti car plant gurgaon
Maruti Suzuki plant in Gurgaon.

Vaccination camps for employees and their families are being conducted while circulars informing employees of various safety precautions to be taken was issued by Philips. All offices were instructed to report cases of employees diagnosed with H1N1 or flu or even demonstrating symptoms of the epidemic.

Mailers and posters are being issued while sanitizers are being made available at various locations in office buildings while clinics are being set up on site in companies having large number of employees. Maruti Suzuki India Limited has spread awareness among employees at their Gurgaon and Manesar plants while vaccines are being administered to employees and their families at discounted rates.

In the meanwhile, Swine flu epidemic is spreading across the Indian subcontinent. Health Ministry data revealed that 1,200 people have died due to the disease while 23,153 people had been affected by the H1N1 virus. Maximum cases were reported in Rajasthan with 234 deaths till February 24, 2015 while 4,884 people had been infected by the virus.