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Stuart Oliver wins Tata Motors T1 Prima Truck Racing 2015

Stuart Oliver of Team Castrol Vecton clinched the title for second time in 16 lap final race of T1 Prima Truck Racing 2015 on Sunday at Buddh International Circuit. Steve Thomas of Team Allied Partners who qualified the fastest on Saturday came in second while Steve Powell of Team Tata Technologies was second runner up.

The six teams – Team Castrol Vecton, Team Cummins, Team Tata Technologies Motorsports, Team Allied Partners, Team Dealer Warriors and Team Dealer Daredevils participated in the one-of-its-kind race in India. The venue for the race was India’s only F1 track – Buddh International Circuit. The race was witnessed by 45,000 spectators, a new record.

Organized by MMSC (Madras Motor Sports Club) and conducted under aegis of FIA & FMSCI, Tata Motors T1 Prima Truck Racing 2015 saw 12 modified Tata Prima race trucks specially built for the purpose. These 370 hp trucks possessed a new aerodynamic design, increased speed to 130 kmph and better acceleration but reduced weight to the extent of 10% as compared to those seen in Season I.

WABCO, JK Tyres, Cummins, Castrol and Tata Technologies were the main sponsors of the event. WABCO provided improved safety for the trucks with WABCO Anti Lock Braking System and high performance air management system. Other safety features also include modular compressor technology, advanced air actuation system and Integrated Pedal Unit which went a long way in enhancing safety of the trucks and drivers.

Teams along with their drivers who participated in Season II included Castrol Vecton with Stuart Oliver and Oly Janes, Team Cummins with Mat Summerfield and Simon Reid, Tata Technologies Motorsports with David Jenkins and Steven Powell, Allied Partners with Steve Rothery and Chris Levett, Dealer Warriors with Richard Collett and Graham Powell, and Dealer Daredevils with Ben Horne and Paul Alan McCumisky.


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