Tag: Road Safety

Drink and Drive test via Breath Analyser to stop – Due to Corona Virus

The traffic police have been instructed to abort use of breath analyser apparatus so as to contain spread of coronavirus

European vs African car crash test – Double Standards in Safety Exposed

Global NCAP has conducted first of its kind car to car crash test. This crash test reveals the double standards in car safety applied by car makers. Getting a Global NCAP rating may...

Motorcycle wheel cover mandatory from Oct 2020 – New draft rules

Motorcycle wheel cover (at the rear) to become a mandatory fitment from October 2020, as per the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 2020. New Delhi: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued...

Traffic Police blames BMW India for rash driving incidents in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Traffic Police has blamed BMW India for accidents involving BMW cars. There’s an unsaid pattern when it comes to alloting blame in the case of an accident. More often than not, the...

Maruti Suzuki cars with 5 star safety – A big challenge, says Global NCAP

Sarcastically referred to as tin-cans on social media, safety performance of almost all Maruti cars has not been great at Global NCAP. Not long ago, most cars that are made in Indian for...

Policemen caught with fake devices to check alcohol level – Suspended

A total of 4 policemen from Bangalore have been suspended. They were caught with three fake alcometers, Rs 32,000 in cash (collected via fines from bikers) and a few driving licences have been recovered from them.

New multi purpose contact sensor makes automated parking safer

Continental AG (popular for Continental Tyres) has developed a new automotive technology to make automated parking extra safe.

Wearing helmet is now optional – In cities of Gujarat state

The recently updated Motor Vehicle Act by Central Government made it compulsory for two wheeler riders across India to wear helmets with ISI mark. Those who are caught without helmets, will be fined heavily.