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Toyota Innova Hycross ZX, ZX (O) Bookings Stopped Again

Significant demand for Innova Hycross ZX, ZX (O) variants is likely to have prompted Toyota to halt bookings temporarily

Toyota Innova HyCross Price Hike April 2024 – Old Vs New Prices

While Hycross hybrid variants have become costlier, prices of petrol-only models remain unchanged

Innova Airbag Fails To Open – Court Orders Toyota And Dealer To Give New Innova Or Rs 32 L

Fighting for more than 12 years across multiple consumer courts is a perfect example of - 'justice delayed is justice denied'

This Toyota Innova HyCross Is World’s 1st Electrified Flex Fuel Prototype

With electrified flex-fuel vehicles, India can benefit immensely from reduced carbon emissions and crude oil import bills

Innova HyCrosss Modified By DC2 Design – 43″ TV, Recliners, Glass Flooring

Beefed up electrical system in DC2 Innova Hycross will void warranty and change in seating layout could require approval from concerning authorities too

Toyota Innova Hycross VX (O) And ZX Variant – Compared Side By Side

Toyota Innova Hycross VX (O) is positioned between VX and ZX variants and offered in 7 and 8 seater options

Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid ZX and ZX (O) Bookings Halted Temporarily

Waiting period for Innova HyCross hybrid variant has touched 2.5 years in some cases

Toyota Innova HyCross Base G Taxi Variant Arrives – First Walkaround

New Innova HyCross base variant is priced from Rs 18.55 lakh, ex-sh - First batch has now arrived at dealer yard