Police officer drove a Ferrari 458 before landing in prison

The sergeant worked on 999 calls in Kings Heath, Birmingham, and also acquired money from brothels and peddlers in London. Eyebrows were raised only when he drove to work in a Ferrari 458 supercar in 2012, and Counter Corruption Unit began investigations. Alongside gang members, he was imprisoned in September, and serve a 7 years and two months jail sentence.

Osman Iqbal
West Midlands Police File photo

He managed a brothel, was involved in money laundering and was charged for possession of Class A drugs, and faces new charges of misconduct in public office. Before being caught, he was linked with armed robber Talib Hussain. A fleet of expensive vehicles was linked to 2 fake businesses, linked to both men.

The duo laundered cash that was traced back to brothels. Clients were picked up from strip bars, and offered women and drugs, and taken to a brothel, then overcharged on their credit cards. The scam was uncovered as money to the accounts came through chip and PIN machines at teh brothels. Crimes weren’t reported by swindled clients.

West Midlands police shared the full story on the Facebook page last week detailing the organised crime group’s activities. the tainted officer made unauthorised attempts to access police intelligence systems when he was on the force.