Spain’s Talgo train clocks 180 kmph in India, now aims for 220 kmph

Undergoing tests in India since 9th July, Spain’s high speed train – Talgo has broken the speed record of the Gatimaan Express, India’s fastest train.

On its second test, Talgo clocked 170 kmph while it has now broken the 180 kmph mark during its third trial covering the 84 km distance between Mathura and Palwal in 39 minutes.

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The record attempt was made when Talgo left Mathura at 12.40 pm and reached Palwal at 1.33 pm. Talgo’s third run was however conducted with empty coaches. The Talgo is not only speedy but also consume 30% less energy due to its lighter weight.

Talgo is the Spanish manufacturer of intercity, standard, and high-speed passenger trains. The trains are lightweight and designed to run around curves without decelerating speed. More tests are being conducted by the Indian Railways’ Research Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO), post which the Talgo will be cleared for use on Indian tracks.

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Talgo consists of 2 executive class cars, 4 chair cars, a cafeteria and a power car besides a tail end coach for staff and equipment. Talgo was shipped from Barcelona and arrived in Mumbai port on April 12 this year, following which it made its way to Delhi for testing.

The testing team will conduct more tests with regard to speed, sound, vibrations, safety and stability while the Talgo will also be put to the test across the Mumbai-Delhi route prior to final reports.

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