When MiG engines are attached on a tank to extinguish fire [Video]

Extreme fires call for extreme measures and this is where Big Wind or Windy steps in. Big Wind is of Hungarian design and can gush water at the rate of 220 gallons per second and deliver 27,000 lbs thrust.

tank plus mig

This working fire truck has the engines strapped onto its roof with each of the jet engines having six fire hoses attached. Once these are turned on, the thrust along with water released from the hoses creates a spray of water capable of travelling at 770 mph.

This kind of fire truck was constructed by Hungarian engineers and was put to the test in 1991 when the Saddam Hussein army was laying waste to Kuwait as they retreated from the country. Recently Big Wind has been used to put out fires in commercial oil fields.

tank plus mig

Windy needs a total of 3 crewmen which include a driver inside the tank to steer and stop it, a controller in its rear cabin located at the rear of the platform to operate the jet engines and water jets while a fire chief is needed on hand to issue orders to the crew members via a remote controlled unit.