Tata Airpod to launch in second half of 2015

News of Tata Motors’ venture into compressed air technology for driving cars, basically any automobile, seemed to have vanished into thin air, until new information about its unveiling of a new car powered by the same system just emerged.

Tata Airpod-compressed air car
OneCAT (Compressed Air Technology) was first advertised as an upcoming production car in 2008.
Image Courtesy – ITS WORKSPACE
Over seven years ago, Tata Motors joined hands with a French company, Motor Development International (MDI), to manufacture and sell cars that run on nothing but compressed air. As per the deal, Tata Motors was to manufacture and sell (what was then called) OneCAT cars, after completing two phases of development.

In May 2012, the Indian automaker announced that phase 1 was successfully completed, which was ‘proof of technical concept’ towards mainstream production for sales in Indian market. After which they entered phase 2 – “completing detailed development of the compressed air engine into specific vehicle and stationary applications”.

In second half of 2015, Tata Motors is expected to debut ‘Airpod’, the finalised, production version of air car that has consumed so many years of research and development for absolutely clean mobility, under project codename blue-sky. Unveil will be conducted in Hawaii, through US franchisee Zero Pollution Motors (spearheaded by Shiva Vencat). But there is no news about India launch yet.

Not much details about Tata Airpod has been revealed, except that it will seat three adults and a baby, it will be driven by a joystick instead of a steering wheel, it can manage top speed of 80 kmph, maximum range is 200 km and it can be refilled by transferring compressed air into Airpod’s storage from a compressed air station, when it runs out of air.

Via – Business Standard