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Tata Altroz registered – 45X name inspired by Albatross, bird with longest wingspan?

Yesterday as Tata Motors got folks online to inadvertently participate in a non-competitive guessing game revolving around the hint – ‘The name of 45X is inspired from an agile seabird that soars over miles with minimal efforts. Can you guess its name?’, the guesswork was in fact abundant.

And as the guessing game continues, Tata Motors is likely to reveal another letter of the name today, having revealed the first character as ‘A’ yesterday. So name of the 45X production variant is a 6 letter word, with first letter being A; and the name is inspired by a seabird, which flies miles and miles at a stretch.

Tata 45X design study at 2018 Auto Expo.

The post received a lot of guesses. Of course, the range of guesses was exhaustive, and not all of them played by the hint given by Tata. So while they were interesting sounding names, the connection to an ‘agile seabird that soars over miles with minimum effort’ was most missing. Well played though.

Following the call of the bird, while plenty of the guessing game pointed to ‘Auklet’ of the ‘Aethia’ genus, the little seabird isn’t known for long haul, hence, soaring miles with minimal efforts is out of the question.

One name that popped the most was – Aquila. It can be a name inspired by Auklet bird. It is a small seabird. But Aquila doesn’t fit in as it is not known to soar miles at a stretch. Neither Avocet, who are known as waders and forage for food along water bodies rather than fly a great distance over vast expanses of open sea. Also, the name Aquila is not patented by Tata Motors. It is registered by a company called Tri Electric, as an EV. On further check, it is revealed that there is already an EV on offer by the name of Aquila by Tri Electric.

This more or less ends the proposition of Aquila. Other name that matches, is Albatross. But it misses the 6 letter/character naming requirement. But Albatross matched the specification of the hint given by Tata Motors. Albatross large seabirds known for its wingspan, which help them fly over oceans (miles at a stretch). As per scientists, Albatross can fly 10,000 miles (16,000 kms) in a single journey, and can circumvent the globe in 46 days. Helping them in covering such enormous lengths are their wings, which are among the biggest seen on any bird in the world. Albatross wingspan ranges from 8 feet to 12 feet.

Checking publicly available documents of India’s recently registered patents, reveals Tata Motors and Tata Sons have registered a new name earlier this month. And it is Altroz. This one seems inspired by the Albatross, right? So is it going to be Tata Altroz? We will know for sure, if it indeed is Altroz or not, when Tata Motors reveals the second letter later today.

UPDATE – Tata Motors has just released 3rd letter of the 45x name, and it is ‘T’. This more or less confirms that name of 45X is Altroz.

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