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Tata Altroz Wearable Key To Be Discontinued From Jan 2023

PEPS wearable band is really handy and convenient, as it allows passive entry/exit and engine start

Tata Altroz wearable key discontinued
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One of the popular premium hatchbacks, Tata Altroz has quite a few unique and useful features. Updates have been introduced at regular intervals to improve overall user experience.

As part of that ongoing process, Tata will be discontinuing the PEPS wearable key band for Altroz from January 2023. PEPS wearable band will be replaced with PEPS key (Smart Key) that has the same set of functions.

Tata Altroz Wearable Key Discontinued

As of now, XT, XZ and XZ+ variants of Altroz are offered with one PEPS smart key and one PEPS wearable band. From January 2023, customers will be getting 2 PEPS smart keys with XT, XZ and XZ+ variants. In comparison, base-spec XE variant will continue with two mechanical keys (standard plastic key fob), whereas XE+ and XM+ will have one mechanical key and one flip key (foldable with remote).

On its own, PEPS wearable key band seems to be better than the standard remote key and mechanical key. As users can wear it on their wrist, there’s little chance of losing or misplacing it.

Tata Altroz wearable key discontinued
Tata Altroz wearable key discontinued. Source – Motor Arena India.

Plus, it allows passive entry/exit, door lock / unlock and start of vehicle. To lock/unlock the doors, users just need to press the door handle switch (DHS) while wearing the PEPS key band. PEPS wearable key band range is 1.2 meters, which is adequate for most situations.

PEPS wearable key allows passive engine start/stop using the Start/Stop switch provided on the dashboard. Users just need to press on the clutch pedal and press the start/stop button. A green colour LED will turn on and stay on when the engine is started successfully. Users can also choose to start only the car’s electrical system without starting the engine. There are multiple ways to start the car with PEPS wearable band.

While PEPS wearable key seems useful, it may take some time to get used to. People have become habituated to holding mechanical keys, remote keys and smart keys in their hands, which is where the experience with a wearable key band may feel a bit odd initially. PEPS wearable key may also not go well with users who wear wrist watches, smartwatches or fitness trackers. Altroz PEPS wearable key does not have any display and cannot be used as an alternative to a wrist watch.

No impact on potential buyers

Discontinuation of PEPS wearable key for Tata Altroz is unlikely to have any impact on sales. It is not a critical feature that can possibly influence purchase decisions. Moreover, Altroz XT, XZ and XZ+ variants will continue to offer PEPS smart key that has some additional features in comparison to PEPS wearable key. For example, PEPS smart key can help locate the car’s parking spot by turning on the headlights. It can also sound the horn to locate the car.

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