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Tata Car Sales Breakup Feb 2022 – Nexon, Punch, Altroz, Tiago, Harrier, Safari

New Tata Punch
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Tata Motors once again touches the 40k sales mark in February 2022

Tata Motors reported wholesales at just below 40k units in February 2022. For the auto manufacturer, recent months have seen it go from strength to strength. This is evident from growth in its sales numbers.

In the gloom before the current period of activity, there were no telltale signs that Tata Motors would orchestrate a successful turnaround. And how. The month earlier, Tata Motors reported sales at almost 41k. It’s highest ever.

The manufacturer’s current performance and growth chart has been comparable to its heydays. A period that has been lost in oblivion in recent years. However, this time around, the market is altogether new. Number of cars per 1000 people is way higher today than earlier. Tata has an altogether new platform, and thereby products. Product strategy has seen Tata improve its presence across high volume segments, and launch new cars in quick succession.

Tata Car Sales Breakup Feb 2022 – Nexon No 1

Nexon sales stood atop the sales chart at 12,259 units. Sales growth stood at 54.61 percent, up from just below 8k units. Volume gain stood at 4,330 units. Within the Tata PV portfolio, Nexon sales share stood at just over 30 percent.

Tata Sales Breakup Feb 2022
Tata Sales Breakup Feb 2022

It’s smallest car, also its most recent launch, Tata punch sales is reported at just below 9.6k units. This number was at naught a year earlier as it was a segment the manufacturer was yet to enter. This space has largely been dominated by market leader MSIL. Over time, Tata Motors could slowly be chiseling away at the segment.

Tata Altroz sales came in at just over 5k units. YoY sales fell from 6,832 units. Volume loss stood at 1,821 units at 26.65 percent decline. Launch of Altroz automatic is in coming days. Tata Tiago sales has been on a decline. This most likely stems from discussions that revolve around, why buy a Tiago when there’s Punch. Sales fell to just below 4.5k units, down from 6,787 units. Volume loss stood at 2,298 units at a decline of 33.86 percent.

Harrier, Safari Sales – Feb 2022

Tigor sales stood at 4,091 units, up from 1,939 units. Volume gain stood at 2,152 units. Tata Harrier sales grew to 2,619 units, up from 2,030 units. Volume gain stood at 589 units. Tata Safari sales stood at 1,919 units, up from 1,707 units. Volume gain stood at 212 units at 12.42 percent growth.

At total PV sales of 39,980 units, YoY growth is reported at 46.86 percent, up from 27,224 units. Volume growth stood at 12,756 units. MoM decline stood at 1.96 percent, down from 40,780 units. In a MOM comparison, Altroz, Tigor, and Safari sales improved, whereas, Nexon, Punch, Tiago, and Harrier sales fell. As the FY draws to a close, sales in January and February have set the scene for a potential highest quarterly sales result. 

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