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Tata Communications powers Remote Operations for Formula 1


Tata Communications is celebrating its 2nd anniversary as Formula 1 official connectivity provider. Tata Communications’ partnership deal connects Formula 1 from trackside to its website, streaming race and team data, as well as video feeds in real-time. It does this from difficult environments and has serviced over 416,000,000 unique visitors to the Formula 1 website during the past 2 years. It has recently also begun to provide telematics for the Mercedes Team.

The F1 sponsorship boast of the following stats:

416,000,000 unique visitors to the website across the past two years
An initial ten-fold increase in previous pipeline capacity at F1 tracks
A completely scalable F1 website (handling 100 times normal traffic on race days)
Consistent reliable connections in a range of difficult environments
Seamless 24 hour access to all data



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