Tata ConnectNext Concept makes European debut at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Tata ConnectNext showcases a five seater flexible layout with floating seats situated on a central setup running across the length of the car. These seats can be stacked up for additional space allotment while devoid of its B pillar configuration, entry and exit is easier.

Tata ConnectNext concept Geneva 2015

Driver interface on board Tata’s ConnectNext concept is offered in the form electronic parking brake, automatic transmission, steering single linked active indicators, a state of the art infotainment system and special navigation aids.

A conventional cabin cooling system is now redundant with Tata’s ConnectNext concept is being offered with an improved occupant cooling system which sees the incorporation of series of sensors situated across the interiors. These sensors can track occupant location and temperature and manage cooling efficiently so as to reduce power consumption. The presence of a large glass house also reduced the need for artificial lighting while at the same time increasing the airy feel.

Tata ConnectNext concept Geneva 2015

Second row passengers receive individual screens with wireless headphones while the car is also fitted with video conferencing, cloud connected internal wireless hub and home to car and vice versa connectivity features. Other electronics on board include rear projected touch center stack, rear instrument cluster, co-driver display, iPod click wheel driver and a headsup display navigation system.

Though on display at Geneva, Tata ConnectNext will not be seen on public roads in the future but tells of the company’s intent on spearheading this technology in their future cars.