Tata FleetMan management and vehicle monitoring features

While these features are being offered on the new Tata FleetMan, they will also be remotely applied to existing vehicles which have been fitted with Tata FleetMan via Firmware over the air application. The upgrade will be conducted without any inconvenience caused to driver and will not interfere in the normal day to day operation of the vehicle in question.

Through the launch of these new features, fleet owners will be able to receive constant updates about the management of their fleets via Smartphones, thanks to Tata FleetMan Mobile Application. It is available for free download on Android and Apple platforms allowing tracking of vehicle all over the country on Google Maps.

Harsh Braking and Sudden Acceleration Alerts permits customers to monitor driver while this will go a long way in reducing accidents. Idling Management reduces vehicle idling time thus reducing fuel consumption while the fourth feature added to FleetMan is a 256 bit encryption which safeguards the fleet tracking data from any sort of malicious usage.