Tata Glade (Kite) hatchback crashes on test near Pune – Photos

Tata Motors is testing a new entry level hatchback and sedan, codenamed Kite. The hatchback version is reportedly to be called Glade, while the sedan will be called Boom. It was the hatchback Glade which was recently involved in an accident on the Pune – Bangalore National Highway.

Tata Kite Glade accident

The accident occurred a few minutes ago, says Rushlane reader Yashanand, who was on his way to Flame Institute. He said that there were two Tata Glade hatchbacks, both of which were affected in the accident. Of the two, one got heavily damaged, while the other escaped with minor scratches. Driver and crew of both the Tata test mules were safe and unharmed.

Speaking about the accident, Yashanand says that the two cars were heading towards Bangalore. Both Tata Kite test mules were travelling at a good cruising speed of about 60-80 kmph. Due to the construction work of flyovers on this particular stretch, there are many diversions. It is at one such diversion, this accident took place. What makes it more dangerous is the absence of street lights.

When the Tata test mules took one such diversion, they were unaware what was in store. Out of nowhere, a truck came in from the flyover construction side on the left, and hit them hard. One of the Test mule’s front right wheel came off the axle due to the impact, while the other test mule had time to brake, and saved itself from a much damage.

Tata Kite Glade accident

Sadly, even though the truck driver realized it was his mistake, he reversed his truck, and manoeuvred it out of the damaged Tata Kite’s path. He then continued his way towards Bangalore.

As it was pitch dark, the two damaged Tata cars were now stranded in the middle of the road. The second car managed to move itself out of the road, and parked on the side. The driver then covered the car. But the first car, it is still stuck in the middle of the road, waiting for highway assistance.

Tata Kite Glade accident

To be offered in both petrol and diesel engine options, the new Kite hatchback will feature a 1.2 liter petrol engine having peak power of 75 bhp. Its diesel counterpart will be powered by a 1.05 liter turbocharged diesel engine offering 64 bhp peak power.

Expected to be launched later this year, Tata Glade will sit below Tata Bolt. It will rival the likes of Maruti Celerio, and could come at a starting price of sub Rs 4 lakhs.