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Tata Harrier, Safari 2nd Price Hike In Feb (Up To Rs 66k) – 26 Variants Discontinued

Tata Motors has announced 2nd price hike in Feb 2023 for Harrier and Safari – New prices effective immediately

Tata Safari Price Hike No 2 In Feb 2023
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Just days after launching Red Dark Editions for Safari and Harrier, Tata Motors has axed a few variants of both models. Not just that, there is a price hike as well. This is the 2nd price hike from Tata Motors this month. First came at the start of the month, where in prices were increased by up to Rs 25,000.

This time, in the 2nd price hike for Feb 2023, Tata Motors has hiked prices by as much as Rs. 47,000 for Harrier and Rs. 66,000 for Safari. The price hike is largely due to the addition of new features in select variants like ADAS, larger touchscreen, fully digital instrument cluster, etc. Prices of other Tata cars have not been increased.

Tata Safari And Harrier 2nd Price Hike In Feb 2023

With Harrier, XMS, XT+ and XT+ Dark Edition trims got a price hike of Rs. 14,000. For the Automatic variant, the same trim levels cost Rs. 1.3 lakh more. XZ and XZ DT trims have been hiked by Rs. 9,000. For Harrier automatic variants with XZ trims, one has to shed Rs. 1.3 lakh more. XZ+, XZ+ DT and XZ+ Dark trims get a much more prominent hike among Harrier’s variant lineup. Price increment is Rs. 37,000 and XZ+ trim now starts from Rs. 21.32 lakh for MT and 22.62 lakh for AT. Dual tone variants cost Rs. 20,000 more.

With Safari, XMS trim is now Rs. 14,000 dearer than before for both MT and AT. Price hike is Rs. 14,000 with XT+, but XTA+ is hiked by Rs. 15,000. XT+ Dark commands Rs. 19,000 more, whereas it is Rs. 20,000 with XTA+ Dark. XZ trim is hiked by just Rs. 10,000 for both MT and AT variants, which is the lowest among both Tata Safari and Harrier.

Tata Harrier New Prices - Feb 2023
Tata Harrier New Prices – Feb 2023

A price hike of Rs. 66,000 is common for XZ+, XZ+ Adventure and XZ+ Dark. The same price hike is applicable to both 7S and 6S variants and also MT and AT variants. In effect, 6 variants with manual transmission and 6 variants with automatic transmission get similar price hikes.

Tata Harrier, Safari Variants Discontinued

Tata Motors offers among the highest number of variants with their cars. At one point, Nexon was offered with 77 variants. Until now, Harrier was offered with 30 variants and Safari was offered with 36 variants. Total 66 variants of Harrier and Safari were on offer. Now, 26 of these variants have been discontinued. Harrier gets 2 new variants of Red Dark, taking its total variant count to 20 while Safari gets 4 new Red Dark variants, taking its variant count to 26.

Complexity reduction is an important part of variant optimization. This helps keep CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) score in control. Average CAFE CO2 emission should be below 113 gm per km from 2023. OEMs resort to cutting trim levels and powertrain options to reduce complexity in their lineup to manage CO2 average. This is likely to be the main reason for Tata Motors discontinuing multiple variants.

Tata Safari New Prices - Feb 2023
Tata Safari New Prices – Feb 2023

Harrier’s XT, XZS, XZS DT, XZS Dark Edition, XZ+ Karziranga, and XZ+ Jet have been discontinued with manual transmission. With automatic, though, XMA, XZAS, XZAS DT, XZAS Dark, XZA+ Kaziranga and XZA+ Jet have been axed away. Safari’s XT, XZ+ Jet, XZ+ Kaziranga, XZ+ Gold with 6S and MT transmission have been dropped.

With AT variants, XMA, XZA+ Jet, XZA+ Kaziranga, XZA+ Gold are now discontinued. Since Kaziranga, Jet and Gold Editions discontinued for good, people would be attracted to the new top-spec Red Dark Edition. With Gold Edition gone, Safari no longer has rear ventilated seats, which was a unique proposition for vehicles under Rs. 1 crore.

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