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Tata’s Hummer styled vehicle for Indian Army enters production

Earlier this week, we reported that the Tata Motors’ new Light Strike Vehicle – LSV V2 has been spied testing with military grade doors and hatch for roof mounted machine gun operator. The vehicle, styled much like the famed Hummer which is used by the US Military, was spied when Gurpreet Singh (Mototourer Gurpreet) when he was enroute Sach Pass.

Now, the same vehicle has rolled off the production line. Tata’s new LSV V2 is believed to be capable of a top speed of over 100 kmph. Its compact size allows it to be more versatile for multiple uses which other larger armoured vehicle cannot accomplish. In the Himalayas, this new Tata Hummer styled vehicle will be performing all sorts of heavy duty off-road tests.

This new Light Armoured Vehicle from Tata Motors, comes to the aid of infantry venturing into the battle ground. It allows them to be safe within the confines of the armoured vehicle and well protected from gunfire in counter insurgency operations, while at the same time ensuring quick and safe entry and exit from these regions.

The military vehicle Tata Motors receives some upgrades. The cabin is bullet proof with military grade doors while windows receive toughened and bullet proof glass. A hatch for a roof mounted machine gun operator is also evident in the sketch. The rear end of the Tata Motors Light Strike Vehicle also receives an open space which makes this a multipurpose vehicle to carry food, ammunition and troops along with other supplies to the battle front.

Just a few months back, Tata Motors secured one of their largest orders from the Indian Army – an order which could potentially see them sell over 30,000 units of Safari Storme to the Indian Army. Indian Army has decided to replace their entire fleet of Maruti Gypsy with the Tata Safari Storme over the next few years.

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