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Tata launches car sanitization kit, air purifier, separation film – Tiago, Nexon, Harrier

New car accessories include Air Purifier, Sanitization Floor Mat, Hands Free Sanitizer Dispenser, Cabin Air Filter, Separation film, etc for Harrier, Nexon, Tiago and Tigor

As the COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of abating and while the vaccine is still a distant dream, the need for safety precautions mount. Physical distancing, regular sanitization and hygiene regimen and breathing in of pure and fresh air are of paramount importance. These regulations are to be followed especially in closed spaces such as in car cabins.

Tata Motors has hence introduced a range of products and solutions for cabin sanitization and purification. The Sanitization Kit, priced at an MRP of Rs. 1,499 consists of a KN 95 mask, steering, seat, gear knob and brake cover, a box of tissues, a gel based hand sanitizer, Nitrile hand gloves, a nano mist diffuser and safety touch key. The covers are made of special SSMS material and are washable upto 12-15 times. The diffuser is water based and to be used on all touch points while the masks can be sterilized and reused.

There is also a separation film for the Tata Nexon, Tiago and Tigor priced at Rs.1,399. This film is made of an ultra clear high gloss 0.4mm PVC sheet and affixed with velcro 20+ mm strip. It gets toughened CNC bent wire for better support and has been tried over a speed of 80 kmph. The film is easy to affix and remove and causes no damage to car parts. This transparent sheet creates a barrier between the front and rear occupants.

Tata Motors New Car Safety Accessories for Covid-19

Sanitization Kit1,499
Separation Film-Nexon1,399
Separation Film-Tiago/Tigor1,399
Air Purifier5,799
Sanitization Floor Mat2,333
Hand sanitizer Stand(MS)2,100
Hand sanitizer Stand(Stainless Steel)2,999
Air O Pure 95 – Harrier399
Air O Pure 95 – Nexon259

The Air Purifier, priced at Rs.5,799 enhances the in-car air quality, removes volatile organic compounds, viruses and bacteria and filters out hazardous smoke. It is compact in size to fit into the cup holder. Features include filter HEPA PM 2.5 with activated carbon, polypropylene cotton with aromatherapy and on off controls. Its noise level is rated at <35 bB while power rating is at <5W while it is powered by a USP port.

There is also the Cabin Air Filter installed for the Harrier and Nexon priced at Rs.399 and Rs 259 respectively. This is fitted to the car’s HVAC unit and protects the occupants from exterior contamination by filtering out the virus particles and droplets. It can capture microorganisms with an efficiency rate of 95 percent and capturing particles of 0.3 microns and is especially useful in this scenario.

Tata Motors accessories
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Apart from this in car equipment, Tata Motors has also offered a Sanitization Floor Mat, as a part of this package. This mat is priced at Rs.2,333 and measures 1040x720mm. It is washable and reusable and is a high quality TPE mat with a 3 foam layers and holding capacity of 3 liters. The mat is kept at all entry points and exit points in the showroom and workshops so as to disinfect the soles of the shoes.

The Hands Free Sanitization Dispenser Stand is priced at Rs.2,100 for the MS and at Rs.2,999 for a stainless steel stand. It is operated by a pedal and any sanitizer bottle fits into this ranging from 250 ml to 1 liter. It is portable, 100 percent mechanical and comes in with a 1 year warranty. It can be fitted in company showrooms and service centers to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

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