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Tata Motors ad campaign with Messi was shot in just 4 hours

Earlier this month, Tata Motors revealed that role model of millions, Lionel Messi is their new global ambassador. It is not yet clear as to when Tata Motors started out to rope in Messi, or how did they manage to convince the football star to partner with a Indian firm for two years. But we do know now that all Tata Motors had was four hours of Messi’s time to shoot the first wave of advertising campaign.

Whatever Tata Motors and the advertising agency (Soho Square) have shot in those four hours, will be played across various media platforms for the next six months. The first wave #madeofgreat campaign was already released earlier this month on 3rd November.

Mr. Mayank Pareek, President, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors handing over Tata Motors T Shirt to Lionel Messi.

In order to make the most of Messi’s four hours, Tata Motors and the creative team behind the campaign started preparing months before the actual shoot-date. They had planned everything to the minute, but considering that the shoot was in Barcelona, and Messi’s scant English speaking skills, the task at hand was not at all easy. (Yes, Messi did not come to India in order to shoot for the campaign, instead Tata Motors transported the entire team as well as their upcoming cars which will be promoted by Messi to Barcelona)

A day before the actual shoot with Messi, the creative team, photographers, cameraman, everybody did an exact rehersal of the shoot, obviously without Messi. This was done in order to make sure they do not miss any part of the campaign, cause if missed, there was no way they will be able to re-schedule a shoot.

The actual shoot with Messi was carried out like clockwork. The team shot the campaign across three studios with four camera setup, along with two additional photographers and a videographer to take care of the extra content. Apart from shooting Messi, they also had to shoot the new cars – codenamed Kite (teased in the images above).

Below are the two videos which were released by Tata Motors earlier this month. Both were shot in Spain, in those four hours. Coming months will see more content being released as part of the same campaign.

via EconomicTimes.com

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