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Tata Motors emax CNG cars for those wary of petrol price hikes

Running on alternate fuels, the vehicles are clean, green and environmentally friendly and the company is also concentrating on extending this range of low carbon vehicle technology to include commercial vehicles and trucks. The new Nano emax with CNG is fitted with an intelligent EMS system to alternate between CNG and gasoline fuel systems.

The vehicle is also fitted with software so as to automatically cut off CNG supply while keeping a close eye on fuel quality. Indigo eCS emax packs power and performance with its Petrol/CNG engine offering 65 HP at 5,000 rpm and fuel efficiency upto an additional 230 kms over the 650 km petrol range. Tata Indica emax with CNG delivers better torque while fuel efficiency returns additional 230 kms in CNG over the 600 km petrol range. All emax vehicles will be making their way into markets in the months ahead.

With the 3rd price hike announced today, petrol now costs Rs 1.82 more per a litre before state taxes and VAT. A diesel price hike announcement will be made soon. With no respite in fuel prices, CNG vehicles will be a key focus for an increased number of auto manufacturers operating in India.

The Tata Motors CNG emax range brings focus on alternate fuels, and efficiency, thereby lowering carbon footprint. Tata Motors offers a range of CNG, bio-fuel, electric and hybrid vehicles suitable for personal and commercial transportation. The emax range operates on a CNG-and-petrol bi-drive system, and lets you store CNG in tanks that are smartly hidden from view. CNG tech stretches vehicle range by about 200 kms. Warranty is offered for upto 75,000 km or 4 years (whichever is earlier), for Tata Indigo and Tata Indica emax CNG. For Tata Nano emax – CNG warranty is for upto 60,000 km or 4 years (whichever is earlier).



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