Tata Motors Full Throttle motorsports activity concludes in NCR

In order to showcase power, stability and off roading capabilities of their vehicles, Tata Motors hosted an event known as the Full Throttle Trail at Tivoli Garden Chhatarpur. The event was kicked off on the 28th of July and was spread over two days. There were about 70 vehicles that took part in this event. The off roading track prepared for this event was situated at Pali village in Faridabad. Tata vehicles like the Tata Safari, Tata Xenon, Tata Sumo Gold, Tata Sumo Grande, Tata Aria, in both 2WD and 4WD configurations took part in this event.

The NCR trail was the third of the 21 trails planned by Tata Motors this year. These trails are designed in a way so as to allow car owners to make use of their vehicles to the fullest. These activities will also give car owners and off roading enthusiasts an opportunity to familiarize themselves with specific driving techniques exhibited in such conditions.

Tata Motors was the first manufacturer in the country that created a new SUV segment with the launch of the Tata Sierra. The activity provided a platform for tat to test the off roading capabilities of their vehicles and it also served to educate drivers about off- roading, many of whom were experiencing this thrill for the first time.

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Tata Motors First Full Throttle Trail concludes in NCR

·         First adventure sports activity for customers by Tata Motors Full Throttle in NCR
·         Showcases ruggedness and capability of Tata Motors Utility Vehicles

New Delhi, July 29, 2012:  Tata Motors Full Throttle Trail, the extreme off-roading property for Tata Motors SUV owners, concluded successfully at Tivoli Garden Chhatarpur. The trail kicked off on July 28th, and was spread over two days with 70 Tata Motors vehicles participating in the event. The track being prepared specially for this off-roading activity, was situated near Pali Village in Faridabad.

Participation of vehicles from the Tata Motors stable included the Tata Safari, Tata Xenon XT, Tata Sumo Gold, Tata Sumo Grande and Tata Aria, in both 4×4 and 4×2 configurations. Customers from in and around NCR attended the trail, maneuvering challenging routes and the rugged terrain. The track had been prepared specially for this activity.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Deepankar Tiwari, Head NCR Operations, Passenger Car Business Unit, Tata Motors said, “We are pleased with the fervor and participation of Tata Motors customers from in and around NCR, at this off-roading event. The activity not only demonstrated the capability of Tata Motors vehicles, but also enhanced the experience received by each of our customers, with most of them going off-roading for the very first time. The track was customised with variations, in-line with the experience and skill level of participants, ensuring they made the most out of their vehicles.

With the NCR trail being the third of the 21 trails being planned through the year, each Tata Motors Full Throttle Trail will be customised to exhibit the thrill, ruggedness, toughness and handling of Tata Motors SUV’s, in various off-road conditions. Through these half-day off-roading activities, enthusiast also have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with some serious off-road driving techniques, through a quick getaway, in the proximity of their respective cities.

Tata Motors was the first manufacturer in the country to create a new SUV segment with the launch of Tata Sierra in 1991, followed by the launch of Tata Sumo in 1994. The Tata Sumo became the first passenger vehicle to cross 1 lakh units in 3 years. Tata Motors was also the pioneer in launching a true blooded SUV in India with the launch of the Tata Safari in 1998. Shift-on-the-fly (electronic) 4X4 was introduced for the first time by any automobile manufacturer on the Tata Safari in the country. The most feature packed, Tata Aria, was launched in 2010. Torque-on-Demand System, In-dash GPS-based Navigation System, Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Hydroform chassis and six airbags are some of those features.

About Tata Motors Full throttle:

Tata Motors launched the Tata Motors Full Throttle in February 2011, as a platform for steering the company’s participation in motor sports and allied activities. The platform also helps the company, in organising and synergising all efforts and activities, in the area of motor sports, including development and testing. Tata Motors Full Throttle has been victorious in some of the most reputed rallies namely Desert Storm, Dakshin Dare, Raid De Himalaya, Eastern Mountain Safari rally and the Hornbill International Motor rally.

The Tata Motors’ utility vehicle portfolio comprises of the recently launched, Tata Sumo Gold, the premium Crossover Tata Aria, the Tata Sumo Grande, the Tata Safari 4×4, the Tata Sumo 4×4 and the lifestyle pick-up Tata Xenon XT.