Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails in Lonavala on Sunday October 7th 2012

Sunday October 7th 2012 is when Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails take to the roads or rather off roads of Lonavala. This half day event is being conducted for owners of Tata Motors SUVs and over 40 such owners have already registered for this motoring challenge that will take them away from the humdrum routine of daily stress and tensions on city roads to the challenging and adventurous off roading events on a rain filled Sunday afternoon.

Cougar Motorsports in association with Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails have come together to plan this event which will see participants tackle slush beds, hills and the most challenging of off roads within a fixed time frame so as to qualify. These participants will not only enjoy the experience in their rugged Tata Motors’ SUVs but will also exhilarate in the cool climes of the hill station just after the rains.

Tata Motors launched the Tata Motors Full Throttle in February 2011 as a platform for SUV owners to enjoy the spirit of motor sports. Tata Motors Full Throttle has seen some noteworthy rallies such as Desert Storm, Dakshin Dare, Raid De Himalaya, Eastern Mountain Safari Rally and the Hornbill International Motor rally. The Tata Motors’ SUV portfolio comprises of the new Tata Sumo Gold, Tata Aria, Sumo Grande, Safari 4×4 and Xenon XT.

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Full Throttle Trails soon in Lonavala

Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails, a half-day off-roading event from Tata Motors Full Throttle, will soon be held in Lonavala on Sunday, October 7.

Tata Motors Full Throttle, the motorsport division of Tata Motors, recently launched Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails, a series of half-day off-roading events for owners of Tata Motors SUVs. With the next trail scheduled to take place in Lonavala, Tata Motors Full Throttle will offer participants, an opportunity to take a short break from mundane day-to-day driving and explore off-roading in their favourite Tata SUVs.

The Lonavala trail is expected to receive participation of over 40 Tata Motors SUV owners.

Maneuvering through challenging surfaces like slush beds, hills, bumpy courses, sand beds and many more, participants will have to complete the trail within a maximum stipulated time, to qualify as finishers. Cougar Motorsports is the programme partner, for planning and execution of Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashesh Dhar, Head Utility Vehicles, Tata Motors said, “With off-roading gaining popularity, and due to the lack of off-roading tracks, Full Throttle Trails will give enthusiasts an opportunity not only to experience the thrill, ruggedness and toughness of their Tata Motors SUV’s, but will also familiarise them with some serious off-road driving techniques, in a planned and safe manner. Besides Full Throttle Trails also offers customers a quick weekend getaway, in the proximity of their respective cities.”