Tata Motors car sales decline by 13.96 percent for Nov 2012

The month of November 2012 has not been favorable for Tata Motors. Sales, both domestic and exports were below last year’s figures and stood at 66,500 units for Nov 2012. Domestic sales of both commercial and passenger vehicles totaled 62,354 units as compared to 72,474 units of November 2011. Taking total sales into account during the current fiscal, numbers stood at 548,168 units over 544, 492 units of the same period in the previous year.

Sales of commercial vehicles dipped marginally and the company sold 44,323 units in domestic markets during November 2012 as compared to 44,732 units sold in November 2011. There was more demand for Light Commercial Vehicles while demand for Heavy Commercial Vehicles dropped from 16,064 units in November 2011 to just 9,495 units in November 2012.

Where passenger vehicles were concerned, Tata Motors found that Tata Manza Club Class found more favor among customers all across the country while Tata Safari Storme was much in demand in northern Indian states of Punjab, Rajasthan, UP and Gujarat. Exports stood at 4,146 units in November 2012 as against 4,349 units in November 2011 and taking the entire fiscal into account numbers stood at 35,521 units during the current fiscal as compared to 39,598 units sold during the same period in the previous year.